A stellar defensive effort in the second half helped the Gujarat Giants beat the Bengal Warriors 34-25. With this win, the Giants cut the gap to the top six to just three points while having a game in hand.

The game was a cagey affair in the opening few minutes, as the two matched each other blow-for-blow to remain tied on the scoreboard. Pardeep Kumar landed the game’s first big punch with a three-point Super Raid that left the Warriors with just three players on the mat. The trio held fort and Super Tackled Pardeep before Maninder Singh delivered a two-point raid to push the Warriors into the lead. 

Down to just two players on the mat, it was Gujarat’s turn to showcase their defensive might, as Sunil and Ajay combined to Super Tackle Maninder to snatch the lead back from Bengal. Ajay added another point to the Giants’ tally with an acrobatic Jump over Abozar Mighani. Warriors’ Ravindra Kumavat picked up the final point of the half as the two teams headed into the break, with the Giants leading 13-12.

Early in the second half, Gujarat flipped the script of the contest in two raids. First, Maninder came in against a defence of three and was pinned down, which added two points to the Giants’ total. Rakesh Narwal then delivered a Super Raid that sent three Warriors players to the bench and pushed Gujarat’s lead up to five. Another touch point from the Giants left the Warriors with only Mohammad Nabibakhsh on the mat. The all-rounder was afforded nothing more than a bonus before being tackled, which inflicted an All Out on the Warriors. 

Ajay Kumar then extended the Giants’ lead to nine with a two-point raid as the game continued to slip from the Warriors’ grasp. Bengal tried to mount a comeback but were matched point-for-point by Gujarat, who registered a crucial win. 

Top Performers 

Gujarat Giants

Best Raider – Ajay Kumar (9 Raid Points)

Best Defender – Hadi Oshtorak (4 Tackle Points)

Bengal Warriors

Best Raider – Maninder Singh (9 Raid Points)

Best Defender – Ran Singh (5 Tackle Points)