Pro Kabaddi's maverick all-rounder, Sandeep Narwal, believes taking up a sport as a youngster can be beneficial in more ways than just building a career.

For Narwal, playing sports from a young age becomes more of a lifestyle choice which can go on to influence a person well into their later years.

"One message which I would like to give every youngster out there is to join sports,” Sandeep Narwal stressed during Beyond The Mat, Pro Kabaddi’s live chat show on Instagram.

“Studies are a part of growing up which everyone has to go through, but not everyone is successful in it and, for many, studies might not be where their interest lies either.

U Mumba’s all-rounder Sandeep Narwal has enforced the most Super Tackles in Pro Kabaddi.

“It is the same with sports. Though a number of factors come into play if you have to take up sports at the highest level, you have to make it a part of every child’s life right from their developmental years,” he pointed out.

Sandeep Narwal has successfully managed to translate his passion for kabaddi into professional success by becoming one of the most feared all-rounders in vivo Pro Kabaddi.

Sandeep is one of several kabaddi players like Nitin Tomar and Manjeet Chhillar, whose early days started in wrestling which ultimately helped him as a kabaddi player.

"Making it in sports might depend on your luck, but the health benefits of sports can be reaped by all, no matter what level they play at,” explained the veteran U Mumba all-rounder. “Another big benefit is that sport teaches you to stand tall in the face of adversity, and never give up."

Sandeep Narwal also explained that sport is a great leveller and a sporting culture could be influential in encouraging youngsters towards achieving their goals by instilling a fearless attitude.

“No matter how good the opponent is, sport teaches us to go up against him without fear. This is an attitude which one carries with them throughout their lives when faced with any obstacle,” he said.

Sandeep Narwal also stressed that sports require as much dedication as any other subject in school while also laying emphasis on self-learning.

"Make sure you study your sport of choice just as you would any other subject in your school. The person who is willing to go the extra mile and learn more than just what the coach teaches will definitely find success.

“Now Pro Kabaddi has the potential to change your life. You can make yourself, your parents, your region and even your entire country proud of you. What else could one ask for in life!" concluded Sandeep Narwal.

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