A sensational comeback in the final 10 minutes of the game saw U.P. Yoddha secure a 39-35 win over the Telugu Titans. Surender Gill starred for U.P. with 12 raid points, while Rajnish was the game’s top scorer with 13. With this win, U.P. snapped their four-game losing streak.

The game was a cagey affair in the opening few minutes, with the teams evenly sharing the first six points. U.P. then seized the advantage with a 3-0 run, but a successful bonus attempt from Galla Raju and a Super Tackle from Sandeep Kandola brought parity to the scoreline.

The Titans then pulled ahead with four unanswered points, but U.P. stormed back into the contest with a 4-0 run of their own to reduce Telugu to a solitary man on the mat. Sumit’s assured tackle on substitute Adarsh helped U.P. inflict the game’s first All Out and take a 15-13 lead.

Post the reset, the Titans embarked on a 4-1 run to reclaim the lead and reduce U.P. to just three men on the mat. Two quick points from Adarsh left U.P. with just one player on the mat, and their defence made no mistake in pinning the raider down to inflict an All Out and go into halftime leading by four. 

U.P. were the aggressors early in the second half, and their efforts paid dividends as they brought parity to the scoreline and reduced the Titans to just two on the mat. But a sensational Super Tackle from Prince and Raju’s good work on offence helped the Titans reclaim their four-point advantage. 

A two-point raid from Adarsh pushed the Titans’ lead to six, but two quick points from Pardeep Narwal and Gill cut U.P.’s deficit back to four.

After making an impact on offence, raider Shrikant Jadhav showcased his defensive skills with a strong tackle on Adarsh. Gill then completed his Super 10 with a two-point raid that left the Titans with just two players on the mat.

The raider’s 11th raid point of the night levelled the scores, and in the subsequent raid, U.P. tackled the raider without giving up a bonus to inflict an All Out and take a three-point lead with just over a minute left in the game. 

Ankit Beniwal came in from the game’s penultimate game, hoping to pick up a couple of points and give his team a chance to earn a tie, but the raider was met by a strong tackle from the defence effectively ending the contest.

Gill picked up a bonus in the game’s final raid before being swarmed by the defence, but it didn’t matter, as U.P. won the game to keep their playoff hopes alive.

Top Performers 

U.P. Yoddha

Best Raider – Surender Gill (12 Raid Points)

Best Defender – Sumit (3 Tackle Points)

Telugu Titans

Best Raider - Rajnish (11 Raid Points)

Best Defender - Sandeep Kandola (3 Tackle Points)