U Mumba’s defender starred in their 1st win of the season over Puneri Paltan as they won by a 31-22 scoreline at the Shaheed Vijay Singh Pathik Sports Complex in Greater Noida on Saturday. Puneri Paltan managed five Super Tackles in the game but it wasn’t enough as U Mumba levelled their season head-to-head at the end of their three matches for the season.

Puneri Paltan got a point off the first raid of the match before U Mumba responded with five unanswered points of their own. Continuing their success this season when they are down to a few defenders on the mat, Puneri Paltan inflicted their 20th Super Tackle of the season with a Monu’s Double Thigh Hold on Darshan Kadian.

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U Mumba then went on the offensive, getting points in a hurry as they attempted to inflict an All-Out. Abhishek Singh ultimately inflicted the first All-Out of the game in the 12th minute with a touch on Girish Maruti Ernak as More G B stepped out of bounds to give U Mumba a 12-6 lead.

Fazel Atrachali was brilliant in the first half as he managed four tackle points including a Double Thigh Hold on Deepak Kumar Dahiya and a back hold on Akshay Jadhav. His towering influence helped his team gain a 9 points lead at halftime with the scores reading 19-10.

Both teams played on their defence in the second half which resulted in a masterclass of defence being on display. Puneri Paltan’s defence came alive with their first Super Tackle of the half in just the 2nd minute. They managed three more Super Tackle’s before the 10th minute and brought the deficit down to four points.

The first raid points of the half were scored in the 13th minute when Abhishek Singh got touches on Sandeep Narwal and Ravi Kumar to reduce Puneri Paltan to a solitary player on the mat. Surender Singh’s Dash helped them inflict their second All-Out on Puneri Paltan in the next minute and take the lead up to 10 points.

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U Mumba then slowed down proceedings even as Puneri Paltan looked to grab points in order to come away with at least a point from the contest. Jadhav got Surender Singh in the last raid of the match but it wasn’t enough to get the score difference below 7 points as U Mumba secured their first win of the season over Puneri Paltan.

Top Performers

U Mumba

Top Raider: Abhishek Singh (7 raid points)

Top Defender: Surender Singh (4 tackle points)

Puneri Paltan

Top Raider: Akshay Jadhav (5 raid points)

Top Defender: More G B (4 tackle points)