A 6-1 run in the final four minutes of the game helped the Gujarat Giants beat the Telugu Titans 34-32. With this win, Gujarat cut the gap to the top six to just two points.

The first few minutes were evenly contested, as the two teams matched each other blow-for-blow to remain in close proximity on the scoreboard. A 3-1 run from the Titans left the Giants with just three players on the mat, but Gujarat’s defence managed to flip the situation in their favour, as they Super Tackled Adarsh to help their side take the lead.

A 4-1 run from the Giants saw them take a four-point lead, but a sensational Super Raid from Galla Raju cut the Titans’ deficit to a solitary point. However, the Giants’ embarked on another 3-1 run to reduce the Titans to just two players on the mat.

A Super Tackle from Surinder Singh and a successful bonus attempt from Rajnish saw the Titans finish the half with a 3-0 to go into the break tied at 14-14 on the scoreboard.

Another Super Tackle early in the second half saw the Titans take the lead, but three unanswered points from the Giants left Telugu with a solitary man on the mat. Gujarat's defence sat back and allowed Muhammed Shihas the opportunity to pick up the bonus before forcing an error from the Iranian to inflict an All Out on the Titans and helping the Giants take a two-point lead.

A sensational raid from Rakesh and an incredible Thigh Hold from Girish Ernak saw the Giants extend their lead to five points. An Adarsh inspired 6-3 run from the Titans saw them cut Gujarat’s lead to two points and reduce them to just three players on the mat. 

Surinder’s incredible Block took care of one Giants player and in the subsequent raid Adarsh tagged the remaining two before diving across the midline to inflict an All Out on Gujarat and help the Titans take a three-point lead.

Ajay Kumar and Pardeep Kumar helped the Giants bring parity to the scoreboard before the latter helped Gujarat reclaim the lead. In the game’s penultimate raid, Galla Raju went in hoping to level the scores, but the raider was instead met with an assured Dash from Girish Ernak, which pushed the Giants’ lead up to two.

In the game’s final raid, Pardeep saw the clock wind down to zero before crossing the baulk line to make the raid legal and returned to his team’s half to confirm the Giants’ victory.

Top Performers

Gujarat Giants

Best Raider – Rakesh (8 Raid Points)

Best Defender – Girish Ernak (5 Tackle Points)

Telugu Titans

Best Raider - Rajnish (10 Raid Points)

Best Defender – Surinder Singh (3 Tackle Points)