An eleventh Super 10 from Siddharth Desai helped U Mumba to a 44-19 victory over Dabang Delhi K.C. at the Rajiv Gandhi Indoor Stadium in Vizag on Tuesday. With this win, U Mumba opened a nine-point lead at the top of Zone A.

U Mumba were off to a flying start courtesy of two raid points from Rohit Baliyan and a point each from Darshan Kadian, Siddharth Desai and Surender Singh, giving them a 5-2 lead. Chandran Ranjit and Anil Kumar fired back with two straight points to cut the deficit down, but U Mumba answered with three points on the trot to take the lead back up to four. Just after midway through the first half, Desai picked off Vishal and Shabeer Bappu in back-to-back raids and captain Fazel Atrachali tackled Ranjit to reduce Dabang Delhi K.C. down to just two men.

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With the Super Tackle on, it was Dabang Delhi K.C.’s Right Corner Satpal yet again who did the damage in defence with an emphatic tackle on Desai to score two points for his team. But his team’s respite lasted barely a minute as Dharmaraj Cheralathan’s tackle on Yogesh Hooda and Desai’s touch point on Anil Kumar left only a solitary man on the mat for Dabang Delhi K.C. After pinching a bonus, Satpal was brought down by a brilliant chain tackle from Rohit Rana and Surender Singh, inflicting the match’s first All-Out on Dabang Delhi K.C, giving U Mumba 16-9 lead in the contest. U Mumba finished the half with a 3-2 run to push their lead up to eight as the teams headed into the break with Dabang Delhi K.C. trailing 19-11.

Ranjit opened the scoring in the second half with a Super Raid, cutting U Mumba’s lead down to just five and giving his side a way back into the contest. But U Mumba, courtesy of three raid points from Baliyan and a tackle from captain Atrachali, scored four straight points to swing the tide back in their favour. Desai and Baliyan got a touch point each and Surender Singh tackled Yogesh Hooda to reduce Dabang Delhi K.C. down to a solitary man yet again. Desai made short work of Anil Kumar and inflicted the second All-Out of the match on Dabang Delhi K.C. to give U Mumba a 30-15 lead in the contest.

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Captain Bappu scored a two-point raid to give his side some momentum but what followed was a 9-1 run from U Mumba to inflict a third All-Out on Dabang Delhi K.C. Post the All Out, U Mumba were in no mood to sit back, as Desai scored a Super Raid and completed a Super 10 while Atrachali completed a High 5 with a tackle on Aman Kadian to cap off a solid night for the team.

Top performers:

U Mumba –

Best Raider: Siddharth Desai (12 Raid Points)

Best Defender: Fazel Atrachali (5 Tackle Points)

Dabang Delhi K.C. -  

Best Raider: Shabeer Bappu (5 Raid Points)

Best Defender: Satpal (4 Tackle Points)