Name: Wazir Singh

Team: Haryana Steelers

Position: Raider

Haryana Steelers had to stave off a strong challenge on Saturday against a Telugu Titans side that was desperate for a win. Haryana ultimately won 32-30 -in spite of their defenders constantly being foxed by Rahul Chaudhari and Nilesh Salunke - courtesy of their senior raider Wazir Singh’s fabulous performance.

Wazir was once again handed the responsibility of being the main raider after young Vikas Kandola aggravated his injury in their previous encounter against U Mumba. He was off to a slow start and let Surjeet Singh go in to raid early on since the latter was moving swiftly. However, once Wazir started scoring he did not let up and was tackled only once in the 21 raids he put in.

Wazir scored 12 touch points and 2 bonus points but more importantly he absorbed the pressure late in the game when Telugu Titans were playing aggressively in a bid to draw or even steal the game away from Haryana. He scored at vital junctures to keep the Steelers ahead and in the end he displayed his experience when he took advantage of an inexperienced Titans defence to secure full points for his team.

As Haryana near the Super Playoffs, they will be glad that Wazir is stepping up to the challenge in the absence of their star raider Kandola and doing the job when his team needs him the most.