Name: Surjeet Singh

Team: Bengal Warriors

Position: Defender

On a day that saw two close matches with many outstanding performances coming to the fore in Mumbai, one performance that really stood out was that of Bengal Warriors captain Surjeet Singh. The star defender managed to score 8 tackle points, and was the highest scorer of the match against Bengaluru Bulls on Sunday evening at the Dome@NSCI SVP Stadium.

Surjeet took on the responsibility of keeping main opposition raider Rohit Kumar in check and did a very good job of it. He even initiated two super tackles when his team needed him the most to prevent an All-Out in the first half. Surjeet’s defensive masterclass meant that Bengal Warriors managed to hold onto their lead throughout the match and win comfortably in the end 32-26.

Surjeet will look to keep up the good form and ensure more similar results for his team as the Warriors now head into their home leg in Kolkata.