Name: Shrikant Tewthia

Team: Bengal Warriors

Position: All-rounder

Match 2 on the opening day of the Jaipur leg was a low-scoring affair even though it was a clash of two aggressive teams. Both Puneri Paltan and Bengal Warriors relied heavily on their defence but the tacklers of Bengal were just a bit better on the night and the experienced Shrikant Tewthia was the star among them.

Tewthia had struggled to find success on many previous occasions and was thought by many to be the weak link of the Bengal defence, led by Surjeet Singh and Ran Singh. However, on Friday he proved that he can be just as deadly as anyone else while handling defensive duties for his team and returned with a High 5 to show for his efforts.

With Ran not playing against Pune, Tewthia ably shouldered the responsibility handed to him and made sure none of the Pune raiders were able to find their feet. He finished with a 100 percent tackle strike rate and looked the best Bengal defender of the night. The tackler’s form is bad news for the other teams as it adds another big gun to an already overpowering Bengal defence.