Name: Ajay Kumar

Team: Bengaluru Bulls

Position: Raider

Matchday 11 of VIVO Pro Kabaddi Season 5 witnessed just one match in which home team Bengaluru Bulls took on the rampaging Bengal Warriors and managed to stop their march at Nagpur’s Mankapur Indoor Stadium. Following back-to-back defeats and a tie, every Bulls player put on a commendable performance to keep the strong Warriors in check on Wednesday evening but the honour of the ‘Star of the Match’ goes to none other than Ajay Kumar.

Until the 26th minute, the match had a very even look with the scoreline reading 16-16. Then came in Ajay for a Bengaluru Bulls do-or-die raid and the Warriors plunged in for a tackle. Not only was Ajay able to break away from the ankle-hold and touch the midline but he also managed to pick up a massive 4 points for an outstanding super raid. This single moment completely changed the outcome of the match as the Bulls came back all guns blazing to ring in an All-Out soon after and eventually win the match.

Ajay was surely the best raider of the night, leaving behind the likes of Maninder Singh, Rohit Kumar and Jang Kun Lee. He picked up 8 points (7 touches and 1 bonus), besides fearlessly representing his team in every do-or-die situation. If this form of his continues, captain Rohit will be a more relaxed man on the mat and the Bengaluru Bulls unit, more secure.