Pawan Kumar Sehrawat and Rohit Kumar showed some excellent raiding skills to take Bengaluru Bulls to a 42-34 victory over Haryana Steelers at the Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex in Pune on Wednesday. Bengaluru Bulls’ Sehrawat and Haryana Steelers’ Vikash Khandola both returned Super 10s for their team.

Raiders from both ends had a good run early in the first half as they accounted for 18 of the combined 21 points while the defence accounted for just to 2 as the Haryana Steelers had a slender 11-10 lead in the 14th minute. Sehrawat was once again the go-to man for Bengaluru Bulls while Haryana Steelers relied on Khandola to do the bulk of the raiding.

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The Haryana Steelers defence then struck by first sending back Sehrawat and then followed it up by tackling Bengaluru Bulls’ captain Rohit Kumar to open up a three-point lead. However, Bengaluru Bulls replied by sending back Monu Goyat through a well-timed Ankle-Hold by substitute Sumit Singh before bringing the score difference down to 1 after Kashiling Adake’s successful touch on Right Corner Sunil.

At the half-time whistle, Haryana Steelers led by a 15-13 scoreline courtesy the additional tackle point and a self-out point as the raid points were tied at 11 apiece.

Haryana Steelers’ Naveen was sent back in the first raid of the second half before Sehrawat picked up a three-point Super Raid to take Bengaluru Bulls 17-15 ahead in the 3rd minute. That raid reduced Haryana Steelers to two men on the mat and completed Sehrawat’s Super 10 as well. With the Super Tackle on for Haryana Steelers, Rohit Kumar returned with a successful touch on Goyat and then Bengaluru Bulls’ defence tackled Khandola to inflict the first All-Out of the night on Haryana Steelers.

Sehrawat continued to trouble Haryana Steelers’ defence and picked up another Super Raid in the 8th minute to send Bengaluru Bulls ahead by 8 points. Khandola kept delaying a second All-Out by picking up touch points at vital junctures but Rohit Kumar proved just too good for the Haryana Steelers’ defence and finally helped inflict the All-Out in the 12th minute, giving Bengaluru Bulls a 32-23 advantage.

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It didn’t take Sehrawat too long after Haryana Steelers reassembled to pick up another big raid in which he returned 2 points. His quick touches and brilliant escaping abilities helped him finish the night with a massive 20-point haul.

Goyat put in one last successful raid for Haryana Steelers in the dying seconds of the game as Bengaluru Bulls ran away with a 42-34 victory.