A second consecutive Super 10 by Sachin saw Gujarat Fortunegiants beat Puneri Paltan 37-27 at the Patliputra Indoor Stadium in Patna on Tuesday. While both teams exhibited a strong defence, with Puneri Paltan outscoring Gujarat Fortunegiants by one tackle point, it was the 5 point difference in raid points that saw Gujarat Fortunegiants grab the advantage.

An evenly matched effort early in the first half saw the match level at 5-5 in the 6th minute before Puneri Paltan’s defence sent Ajay Kumar and Mahendra Rajput to the bench in successive raids to take a 2-point lead. However, Gujarat Fortunegiants managed to tackle Monu to keep the game close and a 2-point raid by Sachin in the 10th minute saw them surge ahead.

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They rode the advantage from there to increase their lead through Sachin and Rajput, bringing Puneri Paltan on the brink of an All-Out in the 14th minute.

Sachin ensured that there were no hiccups for Gujarat Fortunegiants from there as they successfully inflicted an All-Out and increased their lead to 6 points.

Once Puneri Paltan reassembled on the mat, they started things off aggressively, sending Ajay Kumar and Rajput to the bench in quick succession before Tomar contributed ably in the raiding department. They managed to cut the lead down to 4 points by half-time and the score read 16-12 in the favour of Gujarat Fortunegiants.

The second half saw Sachin and substitute K. Prapanjan push the lead up to 7 points before a Super Tackle on Rajput in the 6th minute helped Puneri Paltan’s recovery effort gain momentum. The teams exchanged blows from there as both played on their defence.

Another Puneri Paltan Super Tackle, this time by Ravi Kumar, saw Sachin being sent to the bench and the score difference once again coming down to 4 points. Through a successful touch point by Tomar and a strong tackle on Prapanjan, Puneri Paltan managed to further bring down the deficit to just 2 points.

However, Rajput managed a Super Raid for Gujarat Fortunegiants in the 17th minute, picking up touches on Sandeep Narwal, Rinku Narwal and Amit Kumar to help his team stay ahead.

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A Super Tackle on Rohit Gulia late in the second half kept some hopes of a Puneri Paltan fightback alive. But Gujarat Fortunegiants tackled Akshay Jadhav and Monu in their raid attempts to keep the pressure on Puneri Paltan. Sachin managed to inflict another All-Out on Puneri Paltan in the last minute to open up a 10-point lead for his team. He also reached his Super 10 in the process. Akshay Jadhav managed to score the last point of the match for Puneri Paltan as they succumbed to a 10-point defeat.

Top performers:

Puneri Paltan –

Top Raider: Nitin Tomar (6 raid points)

Top Defender: Ravi Kumar (4 tackle points)

Gujarat Fortunegiants –

Top Raider: Sachin (10 raid points)

Top Defender: Ruturaj Koravi (4 tackle points)