Rohit Kumar announced a return to form in style as his Super 10 was instrumental in Bengaluru Bulls’ 41-30 victory over Jaipur Pink Panthers at the Thyagaraj Sports Complex in Delhi on Sunday. Bengaluru Bulls’ defence was also on top of their game as Mahender Singh, Saurabh Nandal and Mohit Sehrawat all managed High 5s on the night.

Rohit Kumar led the Bengaluru Bulls charge against Jaipur Pink Panthers with a Super 10.

Rohit Kumar started things off well for the Bengaluru Bulls with a touch on Sunil Siddhgavali almost as a signal of things to come. The scores stayed at 3-3 five minutes into the match. But Once Deepak Hooda was sent to the bench by Saurabh Nandal, there was no stopping Bengaluru Bulls as they picked up the next six points of the contest without allowing Jaipur Pink Panthers even one.

Nitin Rawal’s successful bonus attempt finally got Jaipur Pink Panthers their fourth point of the night but Rohit responded with a 2-point raid to clean up their defence and inflict an All-Out. Things didn’t get much better for Jaipur Pink Panthers post the All-Out either as Mahender Singh and Saurabh Nandal in defence and Rohit Kumar in attack, gave them no respite.

Mahender’s fourth tackle point of the night sent Deepak Hooda to the bench once again and opened the door for Bengaluru Bulls to inflict another All-Out before halftime. But the Jaipur Pink Panthers defence ensured that didn’t happen by Super Tackling Pawan Sehrawat. However, Bengaluru Bulls’ early charge had already given them a significant lead as the team went into halftime with Jaipur Pink Panthers trailing 8-22.

Bengaluru Bulls’ defence scored 16 tackle points against Jaipur Pink Panthers.

The second half saw the All-Out being inflicted on Jaipur Pink Panthers within the second minute as Bengaluru Bulls’ lead rose to 17 points. Mahender, who was the star of the Bengaluru Bulls defence on the night, soon reached his High 5 with a tackle on Ajinkya Pawar while Rawal also reached his High 5 in the next raid itself.

Rohit, however, sent Rawal, Sandeep Dhull and Santhapanaselvam to the bench with a Super Raid to weaken the Jaipur Pink Panthers defence and reach his second Super 10 of the season in style. Bengaluru Bulls looked ready to inflict their third All-Out of the night on the back of that raid, but Jaipur Pink Panthers Super Tackled Rohit in his next raid to start a successful run of their own.

Led by Sushil Gulia, they managed to inflict their first and only All-Out of the night on Bengaluru Bulls and bring the score difference down to 12. But Rohit was unstoppable on the night and ensured that Bengaluru Bulls stayed ahead. Nandal and Mohit Sehrawat then reached their High 5s in quick succession to put the match well and truly out of Jaipur Pink Panthers’ grasp.

Deepak and Pawar added a point each to their tally after that and the team got rid of Rohit and Sehrawat in a short interval. But it was too late for a fightback as Jaipur Pink Panthers lost by 11 points.

Top Performers:

Jaipur Pink Panthers

Best Raider – Ajinkya Pawar (5 Raid Points)

Best Defender – Nitin Rawal (6 Tackle Points)

Bengaluru Bulls

Best Raider – Rohit Kumar (13 Raid Points)

Best Defender – Mahender Singh (6 Tackle Points)