An outstanding 13-point performance by Pawan Kumar Sehrawat headlined a clinical display from Bengaluru Bulls that saw them win the Southern Derby by a scoreline of 37-24 at the Rajiv Gandhi Indoor Stadium in Vizag on Wednesday. In the post-match press conference, coach BC Ramesh and captain Rohit Kumar took questions for Bengaluru Bulls.

Q. Did you feel the crowd’s pressure today?

Rohit Kumar: Not really. There were plenty supporting us as well. Obviously, the aim was to score points but if I couldn’t, I shouldn’t allow them a tackle point either. It’s good to have Pawan Kumar Sehrawat and Harish on our side. Both did well. Sehrawat was playing so well, I didn’t feel the need to go in and disturb his momentum. Towards the end I went in because it was all about clock management for us. So we played according to our plan and it worked.

Q. Do you have any concerns from the performance?

Rohit Kumar: We didn’t start on a bright note. This was a concern in our previous games as well where we did not start well and couldn’t make a comeback. So, I was worried we were heading down that path but we played quite well in the second half. The defence really upped their game.