Haryana Steelers managed a win their first home leg game as they defeated Gujarat Fortunegiants 32-25 after a strong overall performance. Coach Rambir Singh Khokhar, captain Monu Goyat and raider Naveen took questions for Haryana Steelers at the post-match press conference while Gujarat Fortunegiants were represented by coach Manpreet Singh and captain Sunil Kumar.

Haryana Steelers

Q. How do you see this win?

Rambir Singh Khokhar: It was the first game of our home leg. If we had lost this game, then it would have been two losses for us and would have been demoralizing for the team. We had a couple of youngsters playing today and they played very well. This win will lift their confidence and help them do better in future games.  We have to play 5 successive games at home so this win will help them a lot.

Q. Your defence performed brilliantly tonight. How did you set them up?

Rambir Singh Khokhar: These young guys have practiced very well and Surender Nada himself has motivated the young defenders and told them that he trusts them to do the job well. We also had a young find in the raid department in Naveen and that helped us overall as a team.

Q. What do you think you have to do to maintain the momentum after a performance like this?

Rambir Singh Khokhar: We have to maintain the same strategy and continue playing like we played today. It is important we do that to ensure we have the motivation going ahead in the league.

Gujarat Fortunegiants

Q. What are your thoughts on your defence today?

Manpreet Singh: Haryana Steelers have three good raiders in Monu Goyat, Naveen and Vikash Khandola who played a really good game. Our defence came back well in the later stages but our raiders slipped up a bit then. Hence, what should have been a turning point couldn’t be one.

Q. Is the team gelling well with each other?

Manpreet Singh: It has been two games already and a team usually takes two games to get together. Our raiders have played, our defence has played and these are the same players who will play going ahead.

Q. You had started well last season. But this season has been a little slow.

Manpreet Singh: Last season we had an experienced corner pairing while this season we have an inexperienced one. My corners this season are making their debuts, so it will take them some time. I think both of them will play well in the next game.