The vivo Pro Kabaddi Season 8 player auction is all set to begin on the 29th of August. While the bidding on the Category A players will be telecast LIVE on Star Sports and Disney+ Hotstar, the Pro Kabaddi website will have all the bidding details from all three days of the auction.

Before the action begins, here is a look at the auction centre features that will help you navigate the page in order to find all the details you are looking for.


How do I track the vivo Pro Kabaddi player auction?


The vivo Pro Kabaddi website will have all the LIVE updates from the auction. The auction for the Category A players will also be telecast live on Star Sports and Disney+ Hotstar on the 30th of August.


Where can I find the Auction Centre on the Pro Kabaddi website?


The Auction Centre will be available as a separate tab on the Pro Kabaddi website once the auction is LIVE. Before the auction begins, the tab will lead to a countdown timer where fans can find out when the auction is due to start.


What are the sections I can find in the Auction Centre?


The auction centre is divided into three sections. At the top of the page, you will find the details of the player who the teams are currently bidding for. You will also be able to view the bidding amounts change live as the bidding takes place.

The teams section below this shows the current squad of each team including the players retained by each team. 

A section to the right of the page lists the names of the overall most expensive players, most expensive raiders, and most expensive defenders till that point of the auction.


What details are available for the player that teams are bidding on?


The auction centre will have all the details such as the player’s previous team in Season 7, base price, position, category (Category A, B, C, D, or NYP) and current bid amount. Additionally, fans can also know in-depth statistics such as the number of matches the player has played, raid and tackle points, Super 10s, and High 5s.

Players who are purchased by teams can be tracked under the All teams tab in the team menu. This player also shows each player’s base price and auction price.

If no bidding takes place on a player the auction centre will display the unsold marker. Unsold players will not show up in the teams section.


How will I know when an FBM card (Final Bid Match) is used by a team?


Once the bidding on a player ends the player’s team from the previous season has an option of using their Final Bid Match card to retain the player. If a team chooses to use their FBM card it will show up under the bids and the player will be moved to that team. Fans can track which players have been retained using the FBM card under the players list in the teams section.


How do I know the remaining player purse for each team?


The player purse for each team is mentioned under the team details that come up when the team is selected from the teams menu. The total amount spent so far, remaining player purse, Final Bid Match cards used so far, number of raiders, defender, and all-rounders, can all be tracked on this section as well.


How do I know who the Elite Retained Players from each team are?


In each team’s squad there is a separate section where the Elite Retained Players from that team are mentioned. 


Where can I find each team’s current squad?


Players who are sold in the vivo Pro Kabaddi Season 8 player auction will show up under each team’s squad list. The squad can be navigated using two drop down menus to find players according to Category (A, B, C, D) or position (raider, defender, all-rounder).


What is the poll on the right of the page for?


As the auction proceeds the poll will give fans an option to vote for which franchise they want to see the current player in. The poll tracks all the responses live as the bidding takes place. Once the bidding stops and the player is purchased by a team the poll will reflect the results of the voting.

The poll can be shared over all social media platforms.


Where can I find out the names of the most expensive players in the auction?


Below the poll on the right is a section where the top bids, top players, top raiders, top defenders, top all-rounders, and top overseas player from the Season 8 player auction are mentioned.