The VIVO Pro Kabaddi auctions are all set to kick off from the 30th of May and fans will be waiting eagerly to find out which teams their favourite players go to.

But in the meantime, fans have a chance to voice their opinion to their teams about which players they want to see in the team’s threads this season.

Fan Voice is an initiative where enthusiasts can turn into virtual team owners, allowing them to pick three players for their team and if their choices match the actual team’s final picks then they stand a chance to win big.

The event, which runs from 21st May till 11:59 hours on 30th May, will be hosted on the VIVO Pro Kabaddi website.

It’s really that simple. If your choices match the team’s auction picks then you stand a chance to win big.

Five winners from each team will be eligible to win gift vouchers worth Rs 5000. So, that’s 60 fans who can strike it rich!

So, what are you waiting for? Log on and win and give voice to the kabaddi fan in you.