Pawan Sehrawat and Maninder Singh are legendary names in the Pro Kabaddi League, consistently ranking among the top three-point scorers. Maninder Singh, affectionately known as Super Mani, has amassed an impressive 1,442 points, while Pawan Sehrawat has secured 1,254 points. Both raiders have been standout performers in recent PKL seasons, showcasing exceptional skill and consistency.

Let's delve into how these two experienced raiders have performed in Pro Kabaddi League Season 10, highlighting their achievements and contributions to their respective teams.


Pawan Sehrawat and Maninder Singh, both iconic figures in the Pro Kabaddi League, missed only one game each during the PKL Season 10 league stage. Their performances throughout the season were nothing short of spectacular, with a narrow margin in their total points. Pawan Sehrawat accumulated 217 points, while Maninder Singh scored 198 points.

As team captains, it was crucial for them to lead by example. Both players were responsible for remaining at the forefront and handling pressure for their respective teams. Pawan Sehrawat displayed a more aggressive approach on the mat with a not-out percentage of 69.87%. Maninder Singh, slightly more consistent, had a not-out percentage of 74.22%.


In PKL Season 10, both Pawan Sehrawat and Maninder Singh were exceptional in their raiding strategies. Pawan Sehrawat executed 395 raids, with 156 successful and 119 unsuccessful. Maninder Singh, on the other hand, attempted 322 raids, achieving 153 successful and 83 unsuccessful raids. Maninder had a superior raid strike rate of 61%, surpassing Pawan’s 51%.

Pawan averaged 9.62 raid points per match, while Maninder averaged 9.38 raid points. Both were adept at securing bonus points for their teams, with Pawan earning 56 and Maninder securing 59 bonus points. Each captain recorded five Super Raids during the season. Pawan excelled with 13 Super 10s for the Titans, whereas Maninder delivered nine Super 10s for the Bengal Warriors.


Pawan Sehrawat demonstrated his defensive skills, amassing 15 tackle points, including a Super Tackle and a High 5, with a tackle success rate of 37% across 38 tackles. Maninder Singh, primarily known for his raiding prowess, attempted nine tackles and managed to secure one tackle point.

Overall, both players showcased their leadership and skill, significantly contributing to their teams' performances in PKL Season 10. Their competitive spirit and dedication to the game continue to inspire fans and fellow players alike.

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