Telugu TitansRajnish and ‘Baahubali’ Siddharth Desai scored Super 10s to match Patna Pirates’ ‘Record-Breaker’ Pardeep Narwal’s 17 raid point performance as the two teams played out a 42-42 tie at the Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex, Mahalunge, Balewadi in Pune on Friday. The match saw 56 raid points being scored among the two teams in a contest that was dominated by the raiders.

Pardeep Narwal scored 17 raid points to lead Patna Pirates’ attack once again.

Patna Pirates’ early momentum, which they achieved by sending ‘Baahubali’ Siddharth Desai to the bench twice, was halted by a Super Raid from Rajnish. Desai then came off the bench to put in a two-point raid, bringing Patna Pirates on the brink of an All Out.

Jang Kun Lee put a couple of more points on the board for Patna Pirates before the All Out was finally inflicted, giving Telugu Titans an 11-6 lead in the 6th minute of the match. Vishal Bhardwaj’s Thigh Hold then sent Pardeep the bench as Rajnish built on his early success to extend Telugu Titans’ lead to nine points.

Reduced to three on the mat, Patna Pirates sent in Hadi Oshtorak to raid and he picked up a touch on Abozar Mohajermighani before tackling Rajnish down in his next raid to bring Patna Pirates back into the contest. Pardeep’s 4-point Super Raid then helped Patna Pirate retake the lead by inflicting the All Out with three minutes still left in the half.

The remainder of the half was neck and neck as Pardeep put in another 2-point raid before the whistle and made the scores 19-19 at halftime.

Rajnish scored the first Super 10 of his career against Patna Pirates in Match 98.

The second period stayed close as well till Telugu Titans sent Pardeep to the bench twice in two minutes to open up a five-point difference in the 8th minute. Oshtorak’s two-point raid delayed the All Out once again for Patna Pirates but his unsuccessful Thigh Hold on Desai in just the next raid eventually opened the doors for the All Out and gave Telugu Titans a 33-26 lead in the first quarter.

 Rajnish then reached his first vivo Pro Kabaddi Super 10 with a touch on Jaideep but Pardeep put in another Super Raid immediately after to reach his Super 10 as well.  Desai and Farhad Milaghardan stepped up in the raiding department for Telugu Titans in the following period while Lee and Pardeep kept scoring for Patna Pirates. But Telugu Titans, even though reduced to three, still maintained control with a five-point lead 16 minutes into the half.

Pardeep’s two-point raid inflicted the All Out on Telugu Titans to bring the score difference down to one.  Lee and Pardeep then scored a point each for Patna Pirates and Desai scored consecutive bonus points. However, he was tackled by Oshtorak after his second attempt, to tie scores at 42-42 and that is how the two teams finished in the end.

Top Performers:

Telugu Titans

Best Raider – Siddharth Desai (12 Raid Points)

Best Defender – Vishal Bhardwaj (4 Tackle Points)

Patna Pirates

Best Raider – Pardeep Narwal (17 Raid Points)

Best Defender – Hadi Oshtorak (3 Tackle Points)