Puneri Paltan’s Mohammadreza Chiyaneh and Gujarat Giants’ Fazel Atrachali, both hailing from Iran, are two standout left corners in the Pro Kabaddi League. These players have significantly enhanced the performance of the teams they've played for in the PKL. Chiyaneh accumulated 126 points, while Fazel secured 66 points for the Giants in Season 10.

Here, we review the performances of these two exceptional left corners who excelled in defence for their respective teams.


Though both players are renowned for their defensive toughness, they also added significant value to their teams. PKL Season 10 champion Mohammadreza Chiyaneh earned 126 total points in 24 matches, while Fazel Atrachali accumulated 66 points in the 23 matches he played during the Season 10 campaign. 

Chiyaneh maintained a not-out percentage of 94.92%, effectively preventing opposition players from gaining an advantage over him. Meanwhile, Fazel, who also handled the captaincy duties for the Giants, achieved a not-out percentage of 87.5% in the season.


Both Chiyaneh and Fazel were leaders in defence for their respective PKL teams. Mohammadreza Chiyaneh was the more aggressive of the two, attempting 164 tackles throughout the season. As the captain, Fazel's presence on the mat was crucial for the Giants, and he attempted 121 tackles in Season 10.

Chiyaneh's conversion rate with his tackles was impressive, completing 97 successful tackles and 67 unsuccessful ones for the Paltan. Fazel, with a tackle success rate of 48%, completed 58 successful tackles and 63 unsuccessful ones, falling a bit short in comparison to Chiyaneh.

The young Chiyaneh amassed 99 tackle points in PKL Season 10, including two Super Tackles, while the seasoned campaigner, Fazel scored 62 tackle points, including four Super Tackles. Chiyaneh consistently scored in bunches, producing 11 High 5s throughout the season, while Fazel added three High 5s to his tally. The Puneri Paltan defender had a tackle strike rate of 60%, whereas Sultan had a tackle strike rate of 51% in Season 10.


Puneri Paltan’s head coach, BC Ramesh, effectively utilised Chiyaneh in the attack. Out of 59 raids, Chiyaneh collected 27 raid points, including 3 bonus points and two Super Raids. Gujarat Giants' skipper, Fazel, attempted eight raids and secured four raid points including two bonus points. There was not much difference in their raid strike rates, with Chiyaneh having a strike rate of 46% and Fazel having a strike rate of 50% during the campaign.

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