Led by captain PO Surjeet Singh's solid outing, Bengal Warriors scored an important 28-21 victory over Tamil Thalaivas at the Tau Devilal Sports Complex in Panchkula. In the post-match press conference, the skipper accompanied coach Jagdish Kumble to take questions for their side.

Bengal Warriors

Q. Important victory heading into your home leg. Thoughts?

Jagdish Kumble: It was a big win considering the situation we currently find ourselves in. We planned to contain their raiders and we did that quite well. Our next game is against Tamil Thalaivas as well. If we win that, it leaves us in a good position for the remainder of our home leg.

Q. Thoughts on your own performance and the raiding department’s?

PO Surjeet Singh: Our plan worked to perfection. Today our raiders had a tough outing but they have been scoring Super 10s and winning us matches. So, a performance like this at times is fine. Today our defence played exactly like we had planned and we executed our Do-Or-Die raids to perfection as well. Overall, it was a solid performance from the entire team.

Q. Thoughts on your Playoffs chances?

Jagdish Kumble: There is a slight worry because we'll be playing our home leg right before the Playoffs. So we'll play six games on the trot and then head into the final phase of the season. We'll have to rotate well in our home leg and aim for good results.

Q. Tell us the significance of Maninder Singh in the team.

Jagdish Kumble: Every team has a main raider. Maninder is ours. Sometimes he can have off days as well. Today the defence backed him proficiently.