After last season’s strong showing, Bengal Warriors have once again qualified for the Playoffs in Season 6 banking on a good all-round display from their roster. While the expectation will be to go all the way this time around, coach Jagdish Kumble felt that the team doesn’t face any sort of pressure as long as the players know what is expected of them on the road ahead.

“We need to have a clear vision of what is expected of us in the Playoffs,” said Kumble. “Once we know what our goals are, it helps us practice better as a team.”

Kumble also cited the example of a league stage match they played to further explain the importance of a clear vision and good planning.

“In our last game against Dabang Delhi K.C. they played the game with a free mind; with nothing bearing them down,” elaborated Kumble. “That’s what we will do as well in the Playoffs. If we stick to what we have planned, we will be favourites.”

Bengal Warriors have the core of their lineup set and have players who have been good off the bench in pressure situations. While Kumble insisted that the team needs to play as one unit, he picked out a few seasoned veterans from the squad who could hold the key for the team in the games ahead.

“Of course it is important that everyone fires on the mat. But the experience of Ran Singh, Surjeet Singh, Maninder Singh and Jang Kun Lee should help us through this time.

“We are strong in both departments. Maninder and Lee are working well together. We just need Maninder to carry on his form from the group stages and then nothing can stop us”, said Kumble.