Haryana Steelers gave their home fans much to cheer about in the final match of their home leg at the Tau Devilal Sports Complex in Panchkula as they overcame Telugu Titans by a comfortable 52-32 scoreline on Friday. Vikash Kandola scored a Super 10 while Ravi Kumar finished with a High 5. Raider Vinay, too, played an excellent supporting role and claimed 8 raid points to show for his efforts.

Vikash Kandola was once again Haryana Steelers’ leading scorer against Telugu Titans.

Raiders from both sides enjoyed a good opening period as the first tackle point of the night came after eight successful raids in the match when Krushna Madane took down Vikash Kandola. Vinay and Kandola’s two-point raids in quick succession gave Haryana Steelers an early lead, but ‘Baahubali’ Siddharth Desai ensure that Telugu Titans kept the scoreboard ticking as well.

However, once Desai was sent to the bench in the 10th minute, Haryana Steelers inflicted the first All Out of the match to take a seven-point lead. Ravi Kumar’s successful tackle on Desai as soon as Telugu Titans took the mat again then helped the home team build on their momentum. Vinay and Kandola kept picking off the Telugu Titans players in attack to help their team inflict a second All Out just seven minutes after the first.

Ravi Kumar’s second successful tackle on Desai before the halftime whistle meant that Haryana Steelers took a 30-12 advantage into the break.

Vinay played an excellent supporting role in attack for Haryana Steelers.

Kandola reached his Super 10 in the first raid of the second period and continued to dominate along with Vinay as the home side inflicted a third All Out just two minutes into the half. Telugu Titans’ raiders Desai, Rakesh Gowda and Farhad Milaghardan found some success once the team reassembled but the raiding trio of Kandola, Vinay and Prashanth Kumar Rai proved to be too good for the visitors and they weren’t allowed any chance to build momentum.

Milaghardan impressed on both sides of the mat as he sent Kandola to the bench before putting in a two-point raid to take care of Vikas Kale and Chand Singh. But Rai’s two-point raid brought momentum back to the home side.

Tin Phonchoo and Vikas Chhillar came off the bench in the final minutes for Haryana Steelers to score some raid points but both got Super Tackled in back-to-back Haryana Steelers raids. Milaghardan scored the final point of the match with a touch on Sunil as the home team delighted their fans with a big win.

Top Performers:

Haryana Steelers –

Best Raider – Vikash Kandola (13 Raid Points)

Best Defender – Ravi Kumar (7 Tackle Points)

Telugu Titans –

Best Raider – Siddharth Desai (12 Raid Points)

Best Defender – Farhad Milaghardan (4 Tackle Points)