A 13-point outing from Pawan Sehrawat and another 13 points from Chandran Ranjit and Bharat helped the Bengaluru Bulls beat the Gujarat Giants 49-29. The Bulls will face Dabang Delhi in the second semi-final 2 on Wednesday.

Both teams were measured in their approach in the opening few minutes, as they each scored three points to stay level on the scoreboard. Saurabh Nandal’s well-timed tackle on Rakesh followed by two raid points from Chandran Ranjit saw Bengaluru pull ahead on the scoreboard.

Sehrawat, Ranjith and Mahender Singh then helped Bengaluru embark on a 5-1 run to reduce the Giants to just two players on the mat. The Bulls skipper then picked up another touch point before Bengaluru's defence pinned down Pardeep Kumar to inflict an All Out on Gujarat and take a nine-point lead. 

The Giants responded to the setback with a 7-3 run, with Pardeep leading the way, to reduce the Bulls to just two players on the mat. Rakesh went in, hoping to help his side inch closer to an All Out, but the raider was Super Tackled by Mahender, which ensured the Bulls go into the break leading by seven.

Early in the second half, Gujarat skipper Sunil Kumar sent Sehrawat to the bench for the second time in the game, which reduced the Bulls to just three players on the mat. With his team’s back against the wall, Mahender came through yet again with another Super Tackle to ensure Bengaluru retain their healthy lead.

Bharat then tilted the odds firmly in the Bulls’ favour with a four-point Super Raid that reduced the Giants to just two players. Sehrawat’s 10th raid point of the night left Gujarat with only Hadi Oshtorak on the mat. The all-rounder was afforded nothing more than a bonus before being pinned down by the Bulls’ defence, as Bengaluru inflicted an All Out and extended their lead to 14.

Both teams added four points to their total in the next five minutes, before Nandal and Bharat combined to reduce the Giants to just three players on the mat. 

A Super Tackle from Gujarat’s defence helped them breathe a sigh of relief. But Sehrawat and the defence continued their relentless surge and soon inflicted an All Out on Gujarat to extend their advantage to 20.  

Both teams added a point to their total in the final minute before the clock wound down to zero, as the Bulls marched on at the expense of the Giants. 

Top Performers

Bengaluru Bulls

Best Raider – Pawan Sehrawat (12 Raid Points) 

Best Defender – Mahender Singh (5 Tackle Points) 

Gujarat Giants

Best Raider – Rakesh (8 Raid Points) 

Best Defender – Parvesh Bhainswal (3 Tackle Points)