Following a convincing victory in the Southern Derby against Telugu Titans, Bengaluru Bulls confirmed their place in the Season 6 Playoffs after missing out in the previous three campaigns. The Season 2 finalists have been outstanding in offence owing to the fact that they possess two among the league’s most successful all-time raiders in captain Rohit Kumar and Kashiling Adake in their arsenal. But captain Rohit Kumar pointed out that it was the efforts of Pawan Kumar Sehrawat in this campaign that have allowed their star-studded offence to breathe easy and the defence to bide their time.

“Pawan Kumar Sehrawat can take the game away from the opponents on his own”, said the skipper, “and if he does well, we won’t even need a second raider. Sehrawat will definitely be a key player for us in the Playoffs.”

While that high praise is sure to give the young raider a lot of confidence it also brings with it the pressure of expectations. However, though Sehrawat understood the added responsibility, he also highlighted the fact that their teams raiding department is one of the most-consistent this season.

“There’s a huge responsibility on me and Rohit Kumar has already said what is expected of me. We have a strong raiding unit and, together, our only aim is to keep scoring and keep winning. That is all that matters in the end”, said Sehrawat.

Coach Randhir Singh, who also took the team to their finals spot in Season 2, expressed his pride in what the team achieved so far but also acknowledged that the road forward was all but easy.

“It is very satisfying to make the Playoffs after a three-year gap,” said Singh of his team’s achievement, “There’s pressure in every game but Playoffs are especially tough because there are no do-overs so we will be prepared to fight hard.”

Singh also believed that the way forward for Bengaluru Bulls was through their tried and tested personnel, stressing that the time for experimentation was behind them.

“We have a fixed combination and we want to keep the momentum going,” he said.