An inspired display by Gujarat Fortunegiants’ defence helped them win their fourth straight match as they beat Jaipur Pink Panthers by a scoreline of 36-25 at the Shaheed Vijay Singh Pathik Sports Complex in Greater Noida on Friday.

Gujarat Fortunegiants were quick off the blocks, taking a 4-0 lead and sending three Jaipur Pink Panthers raiders to the bench. But Jaipur Pink Panthers’ defence, led by Mohit Chhillar, retaliated and scored five straight points to reduce Gujarat Fortunegiants to just three men on the mat in return. With the Super Tackle on, Ruturaj Koravi executed a perfect Dash on Anup Kumar to kickstart a five-point run for his team as they took a 9-5 lead in the match.

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With the score at 12-8, Sachin got his third raid point of the match with a touch on Nitin Rawal, reducing Jaipur Pink Panthers to just two men, as Gujarat Fortunegiants closed in on an All-Out yet again. But Young Chang Ko was defiant in defence, scoring two Super Tackles on Sachin and Mahendra Rajput in quick succession to deny Gujarat Fortunegiants the All-Out. The teams went into the break with the score reading 14-13 in Gujarat Fortunegiants’ favour.

The second half was similar to the first as Gujarat Fortunegiants started off by scoring six straight points, inflicting the match’s first All-Out on Jaipur Pink Panthers in the process, to take a 20-13 lead. But Jaipur Pink Panthers fought back and scored five straight points to reduce Gujarat Fortunegiants’ lead down to just two. With just a couple of men on the mat, captain Anup Kumar went in to raid with the view of inflicting an All-Out and giving his team the lead in the match, but Gujarat Fortunegiants’ captain Sunil Kumar got a hold on his ankles to score a Super Tackle and push the lead back up to four.

Gujarat Fortunegiants’ substitute raider Shubham Palkar got his first point of the match with a touch on Chhillar and kick-started a run that saw them outscore Jaipur Pink Panthers 5-1 to reduce them to just a solitary player on the mat. Deepak Hooda came in to raid but ventured too deep into Gujarat Fortunegiants’ side of the mat and was emphatically tackled by Parvesh Bhainswal to inflict an All-Out on Jaipur Pink Panthers as they took a 30-20 lead in the match.

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Jaipur Pink Panthers tried to rally late into the game and scored three straight points but Gujarat Fortunegiants’ defence defused the situation, scoring four tackle points, two each for Koravi and Sunil Kumar, as the clock ran out and Gujarat Fortunegiants triumphed by 11 points.

Top Performer-

Gujarat Fortunegiants -

Best Raider: Sachin (6 Raid Points)

Best Defender: Sunil Kumar (8 Tackle Points)

Jaipur Pink Panthers -

Best Raider: Nitin Rawal (4 Raid Points)

Best Defender: Young Chang Ko (5 Tackle Points)