Tamil Thalaivas’ Ajay Thakur has had a charmed tenure as the Indian Kabaddi team captain. He led India to victory in Asian Kabaddi Championship and then followed it up with a successful campaign at the recent Kabaddi Masters Dubai 2018. Now he is set to take the reins once again in the upcoming Asian Games and he could not be more thrilled.

“I am very happy to captain a team like India,” he said ahead of the games, “In fact, I am happier with my team’s performance than my own. I want that we should win all the matches where I am the captain. The team has shown its class in recent events like Kabaddi masters Dubai 2018.”

Being the team man that he is, Thakur shies away when asked about his own impressive performances of late, including in the Dubai campaign where he scored two match winning Super 10s.

“Since I have become the captain, I don’t take my individual performance into account anymore,” he said, “My focus is on the team. I would rather that the team does well instead of me performing extraordinarily as an individual.”

Leading a team full or superstars like India, though, does come with its own set of challenges. With each player having sky high expectations from themselves keeping a clam head becomes extremely important. Thakur says his manta while dealing with the team is clear, let go of the past and always keep moving forward.

“I tell everyone that even if we make a mistake during the match we will try to overcome it together instead of dwelling on it for too long. I tell them to let it go. We can’t change what has happened, what matters is how we can do better from there. We have to take into account what best we can do in the rest of the match and the matches to come. Leaving the past behind is important,” stressed Thakur.

Satisfied with the performance on the field, he had a message for those who are the eighth player off the field; the fans.

“I want to tell the fans to keep up their support. We got a lot of love and support from our fans in the recent Kabaddi Masters Dubai 2018 event. I keep reading the fans’ comments and messages whenever I can. We are constantly trying to better our game and I wish the fans continue their support for the sport and for us,” Thakur said before signing off with a smile.

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