The 10th edition of the Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) was filled with a mix of breathtaking, awe-inspiring, distinctive, and marvellous moments during the three-month-long event. Fans were treated to high-voltage action throughout the season, and the milestone 10th season provided numerous memorable moments.

Here, we take a look at the best player-based moments that reflected their athleticism in Pro Kabaddi Season 10:

  1. Pankaj Mohite's 5-Point Raid Against Patna Pirates:

In PKL Season 10, Puneri Paltan showcased young talent under the guidance of head coach B.C. Ramesh. During Match 42 against Patna Pirates, Pankaj Mohite executed a stunning five-point Super Raid, escaping six defenders with his acrobatic skills. As Pankaj went in to raid, the Pirates’ six-man defence attempted to block his path to the midline. Just when it seemed they had him trapped, Pankaj displayed incredible agility and strength, escaping past Krishan, Manish, Neeraj Kumar, Sudhakar M, and Manjeet to secure a remarkable five-point Super Raid.

  1. Mohammadreza Chiyaneh's Tackle Against Patna Pirates:

Mohammadreza Chiyaneh, a dominant force in defence, continued his stellar performance from Season 9. In the semi-final against his former team, Patna Pirates, he showcased his prowess with a double thigh hold on Sandeep Kumar. Chiyaneh had already accumulated 10 High 5s before the knockout match and was eager to add another to his tally. With four tackle points to his credit, he completed a High 5 with a decisive double thigh hold on Sandeep Kumar, followed by an acrobatic celebration that highlighted his exceptional athleticism.

  1. Prafull Zaware's Lion Jump Against Haryana Steelers:

Making his debut in PKL Season 10, Prafull Zaware executed a spectacular Lion Jump to score a touchpoint against Mohit in Match 35, reminding fans of his captain Pawan Sehrawat's iconic jump from Season 6. Before this game, the Telugu Titans were on a five-match losing streak and desperately needed motivation. With less than five minutes left in the first half, Zaware’s perfectly timed Lion Jump earned him a touchpoint, giving his team a much-needed boost.

  1. Kiran Magar's Solo Tackle on Narender:

In Match 108, Kiran Magar, a backup for U.P. Yoddhas, made a significant impact with a solo back hold on Tamil Thalaivas' top raider Narender. Initially pushed back by the raider, Kiran demonstrated remarkable resilience by maintaining his position and executing a brilliant back hold, thwarting Narender's raid attempt. This solo tackle was a testament to Kiran's skill and determination, making a memorable impression in the campaign.

  1. Narender's Dubki Against Bengal Warriors:

Leading Tamil Thalaivas' attack, Narender performed a superb dubki to escape a three-man defence in Match 126, cementing his team's lead. In the season's final game for both teams, Narender faced Bengal Warriors' best defender, Shubham Shinde. With the Thalaivas leading 31-18, Narender’s dubki in the first raid of the second half saw him evade Shubham, Maninder Singh, and Nitin Kumar to cross the midline and secure crucial points for his team.

  1. Ankit's Super Tackle on Parteek Dahiya:

In Match 96, Patna Pirates' Ankit executed a crucial Super Tackle against Parteek Dahiya of Gujarat Giants, turning the tide and securing a vital win for his team. With less than 10 minutes left and the Pirates holding a narrow three-point lead, Ankit seized the opportunity to tackle Parteek Dahiya, preventing an All-Out and helping his team extend their lead.

  1. Nitin Kumar's All-Out Raid Against Telugu Titans:

Nitin Kumar, debuting in PKL Season 10, showcased his raiding prowess by successfully executing an All-Out raid against Telugu Titans' defenders Sandeep Dhull and Mohit in Match 64. Despite facing a Super Tackle opportunity, Nitin's maturity and skill enabled him to get past both defenders and secure an All-Out, relieving pressure off his teammate Maninder and contributing significantly to his team's success.

  1. Sahul Kumar's Super Tackle on Sachin:

In Match 106, Jaipur Pink Panthers' Sahul Kumar, along with Ankush, secured a much-needed Super Tackle on Patna Pirates' Sachin, showcasing their defensive resilience. Trailing by two points, Sahul and Ankush combined to hold Sachin, who struggled for the entire 30 seconds before succumbing to their stronghold, keeping the Panthers alive in the contest.

  1. Mohammad Nabibakhsh's Match-Winning Raid Against Dabang Delhi K.C.:

Mohammad Nabibakhsh of Gujarat Giants clinched a victory with a decisive raid in Match 76, eliminating Sunil and Ashish, and confirming his team's win. In a see-saw battle where both teams were evenly matched, Nabibakhsh's experience and skill in the penultimate raid ensured the Giants' triumph, extending their lead and securing a crucial win.

  1. Sahil Gulia's Super Tackle on Pawan Sehrawat:

Sahil Gulia, a standout defender for Tamil Thalaivas, executed a critical Super Tackle with help from Sagar and Amirhossein Bastami against Telugu Titans' Pawan Sehrawat in Match 21. With less than 10 minutes remaining and his team trailing by one point, Pawan’s attempt to score was thwarted by Sahil's perfectly timed double thigh hold, assisted by Sagar and Amirhossein, securing a vital defensive point for the Thalaivas.

These moments encapsulate the thrilling athleticism and strategic prowess displayed by the players in PKL Season 10. The season was a testament to the growing talent and competitive spirit in the league, providing fans with unforgettable highlights and extraordinary performances.

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