Super 10s from Maninder Singh and Mohammad Nabibakhsh, and a High 5 from Abozar Mighani helped the Bengal Warriors beat the Tamil Thalaivas 52-21.

The game got off to a frantic start, as both teams picked up points with relative ease. With the Thalaivas leading 5-4, the Warriors were in need of a moment of inspiration and skipper Maninder Singh provided it with a two-point raid to help his side pull ahead on the scoreboard. 

All-rounder Mohammad Nabibakhsh went in to raid against a defence of three and managed to tag them all before getting his hand past the midline to inflict the game’s first All Out in an incredible fashion.

Sukesh Hegde, Maninder and Nabibakhsh continued to torment the Thalaivas defence, as they helped their side embark on a 7-2 run to reduce Tamil to just two players on the mat. Maninder added another touch point to his tally and the Warriors’ defence took care of the last Thalaivas player on the mat to inflict a second All Out and help the Warriors take a 24-10 lead. 

Bengal added three more points to their total before the end of the first half to go into the break leading by 17.

The Warriors started the second half on a 3-1 run and reduced the Thalaivas to just two players on the mat. Nabibakhsh went in and was seemingly pinned down but managed to wrestle past both defenders to inflict another All Out on the Thalaivas and extend the Warriors’ lead to 23.

Nabibakhsh and Maninder continued their strong work on offence as the Thalaivas defence struggled to contain the duo, who helped their side extend their advantage to 24.

Another 4-1 run from the Warriors left the Thalaivas on the brink of another All Out and Nabibakhsh completed the formalities with another brilliant effort to give the Warriors a 31-point lead.

Both teams added a couple of points to their total in the final minute, as the Warriors registered their biggest win of the season. 

Top Performers

Bengal Warriors 

Best Raider – Maninder Singh (14 Raid Points)

Best Defender – Abozar Mighani (6 Tackle Points)

Tamil Thalaivas

Best Raider – Himanshu (7 Raid Points)

Best Defender – Sagar (2 Tackle Points)