The Bengal Warriors’ raiders managed to outclass the Telugu Titans’ defence and secure a 30-25 win for their team at the Motilal Nehru School of Sports, Rai in Sonepat on Tuesday. Maninder Singh was the most successful raider of the night, scoring 11 raid points for Bengal Warriors while Abozar Mohajermighani managed yet another High 5 for Telugu Titans.

Bengal Warriors kept the dangerous Telugu Titans defence at bay early on in the match, giving them just one tackle point in the initial minutes. However, it was the Telugu Titans’ attack which came to the fore and scored consistently. Their first unsuccessful raid came in the 9th minute when Mahesh Goud latched on to the thighs of Farhad Milaghardan to bring Telugu Titans down to 4 men on the mat. Maninder Singh then sent back Mohsen Maghsoudlou before Telugu Titans made their first substitution of the season in the 10th minute, bringing in Rakshith for Anil Kumar.

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 He was quickly sent to the bench by the Bengal Warriors defence. But once Maninder Singh fell to a Super Tackle by Vishal Bhardwaj and Abozar Mohajermighani the Bengal Warriors’ lead went back to just one point. Mighani and Bhardwaj looked menacing in defence for Telugu Titans and the constant threat of a Super Tackle kept Bengal Warriors’ raider from going deep in the team’s half.

A second Super Tackle, this time on Mahesh Goud, in the 14th minute brought Rahul Chaudhari back on to the mat and took Telugu Titans in the lead. Telugu Titans then tightened the screws on Bengal Warriors through Nilesh Salunke before Shrikant Tewthia escaped with a successful touch on Rahul Chaudhari to bring the first half to a close with the score 13-10 in the Telugu Titans’ favour. Mighani spent the entire half on the mat without even a single unsuccessful tackle.

The first point in the second half came for Bengal Warriors when Surjeet Singh managed to latch on to an air-bound Mohsen Maghsoudlou in a Do-or-Die raid. Then Maninder Singh returned successfully from his raid, giving his team the hope of forcing an All-Out. However, a third Super Tackle on Jang Kun Lee kept Telugu Titans firmly in the lead.

A Bengal Warriors turnaround

Singh managed to bring Telugu Titans down to two men and then picked up both Mighani and Sombir in his next raid to inflict the first All-Out of the season on Telugu Titans and take his team ahead at 19-17. He reached his Super 10 through a bonus point in the 13th minute.

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With less than 2 minutes of play left, C Manoj Kumar came back with a successful raid and Mighani put in a strong tackle on Maninder Singh to bring the score at 27-25 with just 3 Bengal Warriors players on the mat. However, Bengal Warriors managed a Super Tackle on Rahul Chaudhari and then held down Mohsen Maghsoudlou to become the first team in Season 6 to defeat Telugu Titans. They also became the first team to score 30 or more points against Telugu Titans this season.