Bengaluru Bulls got the better of U.P. Yoddha in the final match at Greater Noida this season. At the post-match press conference, Bengaluru Bulls were represented by captain Rohit Kumar and coach BC Ramesh while U.P. Yoddha were represented by captain Rishank Devadiga and assistant coach Arjun Singh.

Bengaluru Bulls

Q: This was your fourth successive win. What do you have to say about your team’s performance?

BC Ramesh: It was a very good performance from the team. We have been able to coordinate really well in both departments. One of our three raiders- Rohit Kumar, Pawan Sehrawat or Kashiling Adake-takes up the role of the lead raider and the other two act as backups around him. The defence has been supporting our offence really well. We have a lot of matches to go and we want to better our performances from here on.

Q: Mahender Singh performed brilliantly today. What do you have to say about his performance?

BC Ramesh: We knew Mahender would perform well. Before the match started, we had told him that he can give his best defensive performance tonight. He was coming up with improved performances every game and the fact that he can tackle all around the court is an added bonus.

Q: You got out just once in the match today. Was it part of your strategy to spend more time on the mat?

Rohit Kumar: The idea was to play well. I know the longer I spend on the mat, the better it is for the team since I can guide them from the middle. Pawan Sehrawat has been handling the role of lead raider very well. It is a responsibility he has taken to and I am happy to let him do it as long as he is winning games for us.

U.P. Yoddha

Q: Where do you think you lost the game today?

Arjun Singh: Our raiders have been struggling with a few niggles. Since it’s our home leg, we have been having matches every day. Hence we have been trying our backup raiders. When the offence doesn’t get you points, the defence loses its morale as well.

Q: You were seen defending more than raiding today. Was it a change in strategy to spend more time on the mat?

Rishank Devadiga: I have been carrying a few niggles, so I couldn’t get points with the frequency the team needed. Bengaluru Bulls were scoring a lot of raid points, so I thought I’ll help the defence out. We were unsuccessful initially but once the defence got set, they performed brilliantly.