In a defensive shootout, Bengal Warriors prevailed over Telugu Titans for the second time this campaign; this time by a scoreline of 30-25 at the Dome@NSCI SVP Stadium in Mumbai on Friday. Bengal Warriors’ defence outscored their offence 14-11, helping them secure this crucial victory. This win sees Bengal Warriors leapfrog Telugu Titans into the third spot in the Zone B standings.

Bengal Warriors started with five defenders on the mat and it paid off immediately as Adarsh T managed to tackle Mohsen Maghsoudlou twice. In offence, Maninder Singh got two touch points to give his side a 6-2 lead early in the game. Telugu Titans’ stand-in captain Abozar Mohajermighani then sent Maninder to the bench with a stunning tackle but the Bengal Warriors captain, Surjeet Singh, fired back by emphatically tackling Rahul Chaudhari.

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Mighani and Surjeet were relentless as the former sent both, Maninder and Jang Kun Lee, to the bench in quick succession while the latter tackled Chaudhari and Maghsoudlou in response.

With both teams forcing the other’s hand in Do-Or-Die raids, Maninder delivered the game’s first big turning point in the 17th minute as he got a touch point on Mighani and Krushna Madane, sending both Corners to the bench and reducing Telugu Titans down to just three men on the mat.

With the All-Out in sight, Maninder went in to raid again but was Super Tackled by Farhad Milaghardan, reducing Bengal Warriors’ lead down to just two. The final act of the half saw Baldev Singh pick up his second successful tackle of the match as he got a hold of Chaudhari and gave his team a 13-11 lead heading into the break.

The second half kicked off with Ran Singh getting a touch point on Maghsoudlou, reducing Telugu Titans down to just two men on the mat. He proceeded to deliver the final blow in his next raid, forcing Milaghardan out of bounds and getting a touch point on Nilesh Salunke to inflict the game’s first All-Out and give his side an 18-12 lead in the contest.

Post the All-Out, Telugu Titans tried to force a comeback and even managed to reduce Bengal Warriors down to just three men on the mat. But Baldev Singh quickly snuffed out the momentum with a Super Tackle on Salunke to push his team’s lead back up to six.

Amit Nagar, on as a substitute for Bengal Warriors, scored three straight points via a touch point and two tackles to give his side a nine-point cushion. But Maghsoudlou followed suit and scored three straight points for his side to keep their hopes alive. The hopes were boosted further when Chaudhari managed to get four points in three quick raids to reduce the deficit to six. But Baldev Singh’s mighty tackle on Chaudhari, that completed his High 5, finally ended all hopes of a comeback.

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Milaghardan got another Super Tackle to complete his High 5, but the clock expired with Bengal Warriors beating Telugu Titans for the second time this campaign.

Top performers -

Bengal Warriors

Best Raider: Maninder Singh (6 raid points)

Best Defender: Baldev Singh (5 tackle points)

Telugu Titans   

Best Raider: Rahul Chaudhari (8 raid points)

Best Defender: Farhad Milaghardan (5 tackle points)