Jaipur Pink Panthers’ Arjun Deshwal and Dabang Delhi K.C.’s Ashu Malik were two of the most formidable raiders in PKL Season 10. Both played 23 matches and scored 276 raid points each. They shouldered the scoring responsibility and delivered remarkable performances in attack.

Let’s compare the stats of these two star raiders from Pro Kabaddi League Season 10.


Both Arjun Deshwal and Ashu Malik played 23 matches in PKL Season 10, showcasing their formidable skills as raiders. The difference in their total points was minimal, with Ashu scoring 280 points and Arjun earning 278 points. 

Ashu Malik stood out in his not-out percentage. He achieved a remarkable 83.82%, edging out Arjun Deshwal, whose not-out percentage was 77.59%. This statistic highlights Ashu’s consistency and ability to stay on the mat, contributing significantly to his team’s performance in PKL Season 10.


Midseason, Ashu Malik was appointed captain of Dabang Delhi K.C. and led the team with 476 raids throughout the season. He had 228 successful raids and 77 unsuccessful raids. In comparison, Arjun Deshwal completed 424 raids, with 212 being successful and 95 unsuccessful. Arjun’s successful raid percentage of 50% slightly surpassed Ashu’s 48%. Both players had an impressive average of 12 raid points per game.

As captain, Ashu took on an anchor role, resulting in 171 empty raids, while Arjun had 117. Despite this, Arjun was quicker on his feet in securing bonus points, earning 76 for Jaipur Pink Panthers compared to Ashu’s 40.

Both raiders excelled in multi-point raids. Ashu contributed 9 Super Raids to Dabang Delhi K.C., while Arjun achieved 7 Super Raids. They were reliable scorers, with Ashu recording 15 Super 10s and Arjun delivering 17 Super 10s for the Panthers. Additionally, Arjun had a raid strike rate of 65, highlighting his efficiency and effectiveness on the mat.

In summary, while Ashu demonstrated leadership and consistency, Arjun showed a slight edge in successful raids and bonus points, making both players invaluable assets for their respective teams in PKL Season 10. 


Despite their primary skill of generating raid points, both Ashu and Arjun contributed defensively when needed. Ashu attempted 7 tackles, succeeding in 3, including a Super Tackle. Arjun made 5 tackle attempts, with 2 successful tackles, adding 2 tackle points to his tally.

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