As VIVO Pro Kabaddi heads into the Playoffs-stage of the league, a new rule comes into play when games end in a tie. While the league stage matches see both teams sharing three points apiece for a tie, the teams head into a Tiebreaker if the Eliminators, Qualifiers or Final is tied.

The Tiebreaker

This phase sees the two teams play an extra-time period of 7 minutes. These 7 minutes are divided into two halves of 3 minutes each with a minute’s interval splitting them. The same rules are applicable as during regular play.

If the scores are still tied after the extra-time period, the two teams will play a Golden Raid.

Golden Raid

The rules for a Golden Raid are quite different than those of a regular raid.

1. The most important rule change is that the baulk line is considered as the bonus line as well. If the raider succeeds in crossing that line, he gets his team a point. However, a bonus point will not be awarded if the raider crosses the baulk line after a defender gets a touch on him.

2. After crossing the baulk line, any touches the raider gets will be added to his total points on the raid. Only the total points scored by the raider are counted during the Golden Raid. There are no revivals or outs. Only if the points are tied after a team completes their Golden Raid, will the second team get a chance to attempt their Golden Raid. If the player raiding first scores even one point and crosses into their half, their team will win the game.

3. If any player receives a suspension during the tiebreaker or earlier period, they will not be able to play the Golden Raid and the team will have to play with fewer players. The number of players that are sitting out will directly be added to the oppositions score.

4. There won’t be multiple Golden Raids taking place. If the two teams are still tied after both teams have had a chance each at the Golden Raid, a toss will be conducted to decide the winner of the game.