Indian Railways’ women rode on Ritu Negi’s amazing 8 tackle point effort to defeat Jharkhand 39–18 and get within a step of the 67th Senior National Kabaddi Championship.

Ritu Negi scored more tackle points than the entire Jharkhand team combined which showcased the defender’s dominance on the mat. They will next face another defensively strong team in Himachal Pradesh when they take the mat for the final.

Indian Railways next face Himachal Pradesh in the final of the 67th Senior National Kabaddi Championship.

Indian Railways vs Jharkhand

Raiders Sonali Shingate and Pooja ensured that Indian Railways scored twice the number of raid points as their opponents in the 67th Senior National Kabaddi Championship semi-final to help their team maintain a healthy lead throughout. Jharkhand found sparks of brilliance through raider Akshima but her efforts were undone by a strong team showing by Indian Railways.

Haryana vs Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh also had their defence to thank for their 34–22 win over Haryana in the other semi-final. The team managed 14 tackle points as opposed to just 4 from their opponents which put the team on top and kept them there till the end.

Nidhi Sharma was the team’s star raider scoring 6 of their 14 raid points. Haryana’s Priyanka (7 raid points) and Swati (4 raid points) kept the scoring ticking but couldn’t get the team over the line as the opposition kept picking up tackle points to stay ahead.