Pardeep Narwal scored a Super 10 against Delhi in the 67th Senior National Kabaddi Championship.

Haryana were led by Pardeep Narwal’s Super 10 when they upstaged Delhi 42–30 in the 67th Senior National Kabaddi Championship on Wednesday.

Services, meanwhile, had a field day as Naveen Kumar’s Super 10 and Nitesh Kumar’s High 5 helped them secure a 34 – 22 victory over Punjab at Poornima University in Jaipur.

Naveen Kumar shot back to top gear with 13 touch points and a bonus point after his measured performances for his team on Tuesday. Nitesh Kumar’s efficiency in the Corner, meanwhile, gave the Punjab raiders a tough time and they were only able to coax one unsuccessful tackle out of the defender.

Here is how the rest of the fixtures of the day looked like in the 67th Senior National Kabaddi Championship.

Telangana vs Andhra Pradesh

Telangana walked away with a victory in the Southern Derby against Andhra Pradesh by a convincing 51–17 scoreline. Palle Mallikarjun was their all-round rock as he scored 14 raid points and narrowly missed a High 5 as well, having scored 4 tackle points.

Services vs Punjab

A 14-point Super 10 for Naveen Kumar and Nitesh Kumar’s 6-point High 5 led the charge for Services’ 34-22 win over Punjab. While it was close in the defence on both sides, it was Services raiding that made the difference, outscoring the opposition by 8 points in the department.

Manipur vs Jammu & Kashmir

Tarandeep Singh from Jammu & Kashmir scored 8 raid and 7 tackle points to lead his side to a 40–32 victory over Manipur even though the latter’s Deepak Kumar scored a 14-point Super 10.

Goa vs Tamil Nadu

Ram Kumar managed a stellar 14-point Super 10 as Tamil Nadu took down Goa 52-24. 11 players took the mat for the victors from which 10 scored at least 1 point, boiling down to a team effort.

Chhattisgarh vs Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh outscored Chhattisgarh by 9 raid points, 5 tackle points and 6 All Out points to seal a comfortable 45–26 victory.

Rajasthan vs Uttaranchal

Brijendra Chaudhary's Super 10 and Raju Lal Choudhary’s flawless High 5 without a single unsuccessful tackle gave Rajasthan a 55–27 victory over Uttaranchal. Deepak Hooda put in a good all-round display and had 5 raid and 3 tackle points to show for his efforts.

Bihar vs Telangana

Bihar’s Naveen scored a remarkable 17 raid points to help his team outdo an in-form Telangana unit by a 52–20 scoreline. Nitin Rawal put in 1 successful raid and added another 3 tackle points to his tally to bring his overall score to 4.

Assam vs Kerala C. Direction

Led by Sagar Krishna’s High 5, Kerala C. Direction put in a clinical all-round display to seal a 45–17 victory over Assam. The team from the south saw every player who took the mat for them secure at least one point which showed off their remarkable bench strength as well.

Maharashtra vs Himachal Pradesh

Young Pankaj Mohite was once again the star for Maharashtra and helped his team overcome Vishal Bhardwaj’s strong High 5 and win 46–20 against Himachal Pradesh. For Maharashtra, Shubham Shinde and Rohit Banne led the defence with their own High 5s.

Haryana vs Delhi

Prolific raider Pardeep Narwal continued his rise in the 67th Senior National Kabaddi Championship by scoring a Super 10 and leading Haryana to a 42–30 victory over Delhi. Sandeep Narwal showcased his raiding prowess in the match as he got 5 valuable touch points to his name. Defender Vishal managed a High 5 in the game for the victors with 6 tackle points.

Uttar Pradesh vs Pondicherry

A low-scoring thriller saw Pondicherry score a 19–12 victory over Uttar Pradesh. Rahul Chaudhari did not manage to get a single point under his belt and will be keen that he gets to add more points to his tally in the coming matches.

Karnataka vs Kerala

Another Southern Derby on Wednesday saw Karnataka win 56–39 against Kerala. Halappa Hunashyal led the attack with a Super 10 while Sukesh Hegde put in 12 raids for his 5 touch points. Mallikarjun Jakanur led for the defence with a seven-point High 5.

Where to follow the 67th Senior National Kabaddi Championship

The 67th Senior National Kabaddi Championship will continue on Wednesday. Fixtures, schedules and live matchcentre for both the men and women categories are available here.