Naveen Kumar in action for Services at the 67th Senior National Kabaddi Championship.Photo Credit: Adimazes

Indian Railways’ Pawan Sehrawat and Vikash Kandola ensured their team carried ample momentum into the final day of the 67th Senior National Kabaddi Championship as they got their team to a 44–26 victory against Haryana in Jaipur on Thursday.

The star-studded Services team, also, had a couple of big wins on the day, entering the semi-final on the back of a 54–23 win over Karnataka.

The results from all the fixtures from the penultimate day of the 67th Senior National Kabaddi Championship are below.

Indian Railways vs Haryana

Indian Railways made short work of Haryana in the quarter-final as they emerged 44–26 winners. Vikash Kandola starred for the team with 9 raid points while Pawan Sehrawat scored 8 raid points and the experienced Ravinder Pahal chipped in with a High 5. The team managed to keep star raider Pardeep Narwal down to just 5 raid points and conceded only a single tackle point to Sandeep Narwal.

Railways entered the quarter-final on the back of Pawan Sehrawat’s Super 10 and Parvesh Bhainswal’s 8-point High 5 which helped them edge out Chandigarh 45–35 despite Yash’s 8 tackle point effort for his team.

Haryana once again saw Pardeep Narwal star in the round of 16 as his 7 raid points gave them the firepower to defeat Pondicherry 36–31.

Rajasthan vs Maharashtra

Deepak Hooda came to the fore for hosts Rajasthan at just the right time as his all-round performance of 5 raid points and 5 tackle points helped his team fight off a strong challenge from Maharashtra and emerge victor by a 47–34 scoreline. Kamal Kishor contributed to his team’s cause with a Super 10. For Maharashtra, it was the swift Pankaj Mohite who returned 11 raid points and 2 tackle points to keep Rajasthan on their toes.

Deepak Hooda, earlier, scored a Super 10 against Kerala C. Direction in the round of 16 as Rajasthan won 53–33. Raju Lal Choudhary scored yet another High 5 and emerged as his team’s top defender. Athul MS scored 8 raid points for Kerala C. Direction but was unable to get them to victory.

For Maharashtra, Super 10s by Pankaj Mohite and Ajinkya Pawar in the round of 16 saw them efficiently overcome Madhya Pradesh by a 53–33 scoreline.

Services vs Karnataka

Naveen Kumar’s accurate raiding pushed Services past Karnataka by a 54–23 scoreline. The raider scored 15 raid points and was well-supported by Rohit Kumar (6 raid points) and Sandeep, who bagged a High 5. The experienced Sukesh Hegde bagged 8 raid points for Karnataka of which 6 were bonus points.

Sukesh Hegde was also the star of the show for the team from the south in the round of 16 as his 7 raid points, combined with 6 from Prashanth Kumar Rai gave Karnataka a 41–27 win over Himachal Pradesh.

Services saw Nitin Tomar taking the lead in the round of 16, scoring 8 raid points and securing a 43–14 win for his team against Uttaranchal. Rohit Kumar also scored 5 raid points in a game where Naveen Kumar had a measured outing.

Bihar vs Uttar Pradesh

A strong display by their raiders saw Uttar Pradesh defeat Bihar 39–31 in the final quarter-final match of the day. Rahul Chaudhari (8 raid points), Abhishek Singh (9 raid points) and Rohit Baliyan (6 raid and 2 tackle points) all shone for their team. Naveen singlehandedly scored 13 of Bihar’s points but their defenders could manage just 6 tackle point which made the difference in the end.

Naveen’s 15-point effort which included 13 raid points and 2 tackle points got Bihar ahead of Gujarat in the round of 16 by a comfortable 51–27 scoreline. The raider found support on Pawan Kadian who missed a Super 10 by just a solitary point.

Uttar Pradesh edged out Tamil Nadu 30–28 in a nail-biter with Rahul Chaudhari scoring 7 and Rohit Baliyan 4 raid points. The Tamil Nadu defence was rock solid with M. Abishek and Sajin C scoring 6 tackle points each.