After a captivating start to the 47th Junior National Championship in Telangana, the second day witnessed one-sided encounters in the boys' category. Haryana started off the proceedings in flying fashion, handing Orissa a 67-36 defeat in Match 7 of the Junior National Championship. With such dominating displays on the mat, Haryana is fast emerging as the team to beat, this tournament. In the next contest, Pondicherry took down Kerala, 50-28 in a similar tale of ascendance.

A total of 12 matches were played on Day 2 of the 47th Kabaddi Junior National Championship, where most of the teams from North India ruled the roost. Teams like Rajasthan, Punjab, Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and Delhi outperformed their opponents to bag some crucial points. Uttar Pradesh lost their first match against Tamil Nadu by 54-35 but came back stronger against the home side as Telangana succumbed to their second defeat on the trot.


Summary of Boys’ Category Results (Day 2) 

Match 7: Haryana vs Orissa: 67-36

Match 8: Kerala vs Pondicherry: 28-50

Match 9: Rajasthan vs Bihar: 54-31

Match 10: Punjab vs Manipur: 47-36

Match 11: Himachal Pradesh vs Pondicherry: 53-25

Match 12: Jharkhand vs West Bengal: 60-39

Match 13: Tamil Nadu vs Madhya Pradesh: 54-35

Match 14: Uttar Pradesh vs Telangana: 54-23

Match 15: Delhi vs Tripura: 38-13

Match 16: J&K vs Sikkim: 41-38

Match 17: Kerala vs Andhra Pradesh: 40-45

Match 18: Uttarakhand vs Gujarat: 12-50

In the girls' category, Goa got the better of Manipur (37-24) in the opening match of Day 2. Maharashtra girls registered a thumping victory over Kerala (62-25), while Chhattisgarh turned out to be too good for the Jammu & Kashmir girls team (48-11). Match 14 saw Bihar taking on Telangana in a closely fought contest, where the home side secured a win by 42-38.


Another neck-and-neck encounter was played between Andhra Pradesh and Uttarakhand in match number 21. With a scoreline of 29-26, Team Andhra edged past their counterparts in the latter half of the game. Having bagged two victories on Day 2, Punjab girls impressed the crowd with their skills and maintained their winning juggernaut against Vidarbha (39-23) and Kerala (54-14).


Summary of Girls’ Category Results (Day 2)

Match 7: Goa vs Manipur: 37-24

Match 8: Maharashtra vs Kerala: 62-25

Match 9: J&K vs Chhattisgarh: 11-48

Match 10: West Bengal vs Gujarat- 39-32

Match 11: Punjab vs Vidarbha: 39-23

Match 12: Karnataka vs Jharkhand: 39-45

Match 13: Rajasthan vs Madhya Pradesh: 54-28

Match 14: Bihar vs Telangana: 38-42

Match 15: Tamil Nadu vs Pondicherry: 37-12

Match 16: Himachal Pradesh vs Madhya Pradesh: 42-23

Match 17: Maharashtra vs Vidarbha: 62-12

Match 18: Delhi vs Gujarat: 34-26

Match 19: Uttar Pradesh vs Andhra CO: 32-39

Match 20: Chandigarh vs Tamil Nadu:

Match 21: Andhra Pradesh vs Uttarakhand: 29-26

Match 22: West Bengal vs Orissa: 53-18

Match 23: Karnataka vs Manipur: 52-46

Match 24: Punjab vs Kerala: 54-14