Rahul Chaudhari scored 16 points as Telugu Titans beat Dabang Delhi KC 36-28 to register their sixth win of the season. Meraj Sheykh scored eight points for Dabang Delhi KC to inspire a late fight back but wasn’t enough as they crashed to their fifth defeat of the season.

Telugu Titans are now second table with 37 points from 11 games and looking on course for a semifinal spot. Dabang Delhi KC now has an uphill task ahead of them as they remain seventh in the table with 20 points from nine games.

The opening two minutes saw empty raids from both sides as it was a slow start. However, Telugu Titans led 2-0 after three minutes with a raid point from Rahul Chaudhari. Meraj Sheykh replied for Dabang Delhi KC with a two-point raid, as it was 2-2 after four minutes. It was evenly poised at 3-3 after eight minutes but Sachin Shingade got rid of Rahul Chaudhari as Delhi led 4-3.

After ten minutes there was little to separate both teams as it was 4-4 with Rahul Chaudhari and Meraj Sheykh scoring two raid points each for either team. Both teams were playing for do-or-die raids and unwilling to take too many chances. Telugu Titans led 8-6 after 15 minutes with only Rahul Chaudhari contributing raid points. Kashiling Adake scored with a two-point raid as Dabang Delhi KC tied the game at 8-8 in 18th minute. Rahul Chaudhari gave Telugu Titans breathing space with a super raid in the 20th minute as they led 12-8. Rahul Chaudhari then scored another raid point as Telugu Titans ended first half leading 14-8.

An all-out was imminent as Dabang Delhi KC was down to two men and Rahul Chaudhari reduced them to one in 21st minute. Telugu Titans duly inflicted the all out in the 22nd minute as they led 18-9. Dabang Delhi KC trailed 12-20 after 25 minutes as their defence scored two tackle points. Rahul Chaudhari scored another super raid in 27th minute as Telugu Titans led 23-12. Selvamani scored with a two-point raid in 28th minute as Dabang Delhi trailed 14-23. Selvamani scored with a super raid in 32nd minute as Delhi cut the deficit to seven points.

Telugu Titans, however, were in no mood to surrender their lead as they forced a super tackle in 33rd minute to lead 28-18. Meraj Sheykh scored with a two-point raid and reduced Telugu Titans to just one man as they trailed 22-29 in 36th minute. Meraj Sheykh scored another two-point raid, which inflicted an all-out as well, and Dabang Delhi KC trailed 27-32 with less than five minutes to go. Telugu Titans maintained their composure even when Dabang Delhi KC mounted a fight back and won 36-28 in the end.