In one of the most exciting games of season four of Star Sports Pro Kabaddi League, Puneri Paltan and Bengal Warriors produced a thrilling tie as it ended 34-34. Bengal Warriors would be disappointed as they held an eight-point lead but couldn’t make it count. Both teams exchanged leads several times during the match and a tie was perhaps a fitting end to the game. It was Deepak Niwas Hooda’s seven raid points in the first half which salvaged a tie for Puneri Paltan.

Puneri Paltan moved to top of the league with 28 points after eight games whereas the Bengal Warriors remain rooted to the bottom with 11 points from eight games.

Bengal Warriors began the first half strongly as their defence restricted Puneri Paltan raiders to lead 4-2 after six minutes. Jang Kun Lee scored his first raid point in the seventh minute and they inflicted the first all out in eight minute to lead 10-3. Manjeet Chhilar failed to score any point for Puneri Paltan in the first 10 minutes as Bengal Warriors led 12-4.

Deepan Niwas Hooda scored two points in the 12th minute as Puneri Paltan trailed 6-12. He continued getting points on board with two more successful raids as Puneri Paltan trailed 9-13 after 15 minutes. Bengal Warriors forced a super tackle in 18th minute to lead 17-11. Ajay Thakur scored two raid points in the last minute of first half as Puneri Paltan reduced the deficit to just three points. There were two all out opportunities for Puneri Paltan but they failed to make it count. It was an impressive comeback by Puneri Paltan as they trailed 16-18 at the end of first half.

Manjeet Chhillar began the second half with a two-point raid, which also inflicted an all-out as Puneri Paltan, tied the game at 21-21. Bengal Warriors began to crumble under pressure as Puneri Paltan led 25-21 in the 27th minute. However, they forced a super tackle in 28th minute to cut the lead to two points as they trailed 24-26. Another super tackle forced by Bengal Warriors in the 30th minute tied the game at 27-27.

Led by Vishal Mane, Bengal Warriors forced another super tackle in 35th minute as they wiped a two-point deficit to tie the game at 31-31. Puneri Paltan conceded a technical point in the 37th minute as the game was tied at 32-32. Bengal Warriors’ defence was on a roll as they forced another super tackle to lead 34-32 with two-and-a-half minutes left on the clock. Jang Kun Lee slipped at a crucial moment during a raid in 38th minute and then Puneri Paltan scored a raid point in the last minute to tie the game at 34-34.