One of my earliest experiences with sport, has been playing kabaddi in my garden with my father. I re­member him teaching me the rules of the game, and me being fascinated by how this one game encompassed so many attributes - teamwork, strength, agility, ability courage and a keen, strategizing mind.

Now, when I look back at those after­noons I spent playing kabaddi, I realize I don't know a single Indian who hasn't played this game at some level, at least once in their life, or a single Indian whose life hasn't been touched by this sport. One of the reasons kabaddi has always been special to me is its resonance with the principles that govern our day to day lives; the principles of embracing the un­foreseen, fighting against all odds and most of all the principle of the survival of the fittest, no matter what comes our way The insatiable spirit of kabaddi is embed­ded in the DNA of our nation, a country that never gives up.

When I was first approached by the management of the Pro Kabaddi, I was very intrigued with the thought behind the initiative - to promote India's truly in­digenous sport. Extremely impressed by the proposed format, I realized that this was my opportunity ato unveil that sports enthusiast hidden in me and convert my passion for the sport into something much bigger, something more meaning­ful. As the owner of the Jaipur Pink Pan­thers, I am also joined by visionaries from the world of business, sport and enter­tainment in India.

The teams are ready, we are ready Jai­pur, my home city is ready. Never before have we as Indians been truly able to celebrate a sport that is truly Indian on such a large scale, and hence I truly believe, that the fans are ready too.