The Titans go for the Kill

The first face-off of the evening was a battle between the defensive Bengal Warriors and the attacking Telegu Titans. Though it was the third day of the Star Sports Pro Kabaddi League in the beautiful city of Jaipur, the crowd was as noisy as the first. In a clash between the raiders of the Titans and the antis of the Bengal team, Kabaddi was the ultimate winner as they held each other to a draw 34-34.

After a thumping victory against the Dabang Delhi outfit in their home ground, the Titans looked confident, rearing to go. The Bengal team on the other hand were playing to gain some kind of salvation, having virtually lost all their chances to making it beyond the league stage. The match otherwise threatening triad of Rahul Chaudhari, Deepak Nivas Hooda and Sukesh Hegde, look off-colour against Bengal's defence led by Nilesh Shinde and the attack of Jang Kun Lee. However as minutes passed, Bengal's complacency saw them lose out on crucial points ending the match in a tie.

Trading blows the first five minutes, both the teams were tied until Titan Sukesh Hegde, raided successfully, ousting Sachin Khambe. Just the breakthrough the Vizag team needed, they took down two Bengal Warriors one after the other. Bengal heaved a sigh of relief as Rahul Chaudhuri failed to overcome Nilesh Shinde's defence. As Mahendra Rajput and Mahesh Goud became victims of the Titan's Defence and Nilesh Shinde along with a just-revived Mahesh Goud, fell prey to Rahul Chaudhari's Raid, Bengal conceded their first LONA points in the 14th minute. But tables turned soon as Vizag's D Gopu ans star raider Sukesh Hegde and Sachin Shingade left the field. Fighting lone-standing Prashant Rai, Bengal earned their first set of LONA points by half-time, taking the score to 15-17 in their favour.

As the second half began, Bengal's star raider, Jang Kung Lee struck, taking Bengal's lead to three points yet again. Lee had to take the exit soon after as Rahul Chaudhari deceived him with a left-foot touch. Things looked grim for Vizag as Sukesh Hegde and Deepak Nivas Hooda were sent packing by the Warriors, one after the other. Lee's attacking mood continued as he ousted Rajaguru Subramanian and Prashant Rai in a two-point raid, leaving an off-colour Rahul to fight the Warriors on his own. By the 31st minute, Vizag gave away second set of LONA points. Sukesh Hegde's failure to raid successfully saw Bengal taking the lead to 10 points in the 35th minute. In spite of having a sizable lead, Bengal stood a three-man unit, thanks to Deepak and Rahul. As the lead decreased, so did the Bengal Warriors on field giving away crucial LONA points to Vizag in the 39th minute, making the score difference just one point. With Bengal failing to capitalize on their leads, the match was tied 34 all.