Riding high on the previous night's impressive victory against leading team Bengaluru Bulls, the Puneri Paltans were eager for the next challenge. UMumba was there to answer the call. Sitting pretty on the top, in the League standings, UMumba sent out Anup Kumar to start the game, earning a quick point through a graceful one touch tag. Showcasing immense skill and communication, the score quickly ossified to UMumba 10, Paltans 1, with the Paltans suffering a devestating all out in just 4 minutes.

But with their whole team back on the court, the Paltans were able to find their groove and begin to exhibit a wonderful comeback. Through a display of tactical competence, Puneri started to build-up on a lead, resulting in an even score of 10-10 by the 10 minute mark. The Paltan's Captain Wazir Singh inspired all by placing the team on his back, highlighted by a 2 touch raid that earned the Paltans their first all out. The teams remained neck in neck through the rest of the first half, ending in 18 points UMumba, 17 points Puneri Paltans.

The second half began in much the same fashion, until Anup Kumar darted into a precision raid, taking 2 of Puneri Paltan's 3 players out. In the remaing Paltan, Jitesh Joshi's, following do-or-die raid, UMumba was able to finish the job, earning them their second all out. This was only the beginning of the Paltan's problems. Raid after successful raid widened the gap between the two teams, and at the 28th minute, two touches and a backward roll from UMumba's Shabeer Sharfudheen brought UMumba a full 10 points ahead. Star Raider Shabeer was able to finish the job a minute later, adding another all out to UMumba's record, firmly establishing his title as the game's Best Raider.

Spurred on by a vociferous group of New Delhi fans, the score found itself at 41-24 with 5 minutes to go, UMumba confidently leading the game. But the valiant Puneri Paltans did not lose spirit, and were able to narrow the point differential with 4 more points before the game's culmination. Ultimately however, a 17 point lead was too much to be overcame, and UMumba emerged the clear victor, ending the match with 44 points to Puneri Paltan's 28.