VIVO Pro Kabaddi in its short span of four years has managed to amass one of the most passionate fan bases in the country, with people from all strata of society flocking to the stadiums or tuning into their television sets to witness the high-octane action on the mat. The league has definitely brought in a renaissance of India’s indigenous sport and has transformed it into a world-class spectacle with an enviable fan following.

Season 5 in 2017 travels to 12 different cities over its 13-week journey touching newer bases and giving fans an opportunity to witness their favourite teams and players. caught up with one such group who came in to watch their first VIVO Pro Kabaddi match as the Mankapur Indoor Stadium in Nagpur got its first taste of the league recently.

Do you guys play kabaddi?

Yes. We have a club where we all play kabaddi.

Tell us more about your club.

We are from Shri Club, Ghorad. The club has around 30 members and is preparing to win the Under-25 local kabaddi tournament.

Cricket is a more popular sport in India but why did you choose kabaddi?

We started playing kabaddi from the fourth standard but the craze caught on after watching the first season of Pro Kabaddi.

How does it feel to have VIVO Pro Kabaddi in Nagpur for the first time?

It feels really good. We have been able to witness Anup Kumar and Shabeer Bappu’s performances and are really happy that kabaddi has come to Nagpur.

Who is your favourite team and player?

We are supporting U Mumba. Our favourite player is Anup Kumar and we are watching him play from the very first season.