Knowing the importance of keeping Pardeep Narwal on the bench during the closing stages of a match, Right In Mohsen Maghsoudlou pounced on Narwal’s legs and a genius assist from Abozar Mohajermighani and Rahul Chaudhari ensured that the raider wouldn’t get his hand past the midline and score another point for Patna Pirates.

Here’s a breakdown of this moment of mastery from Telugu Titans’ Right Corner and lead raider that helped the team tackle Narwal:

1. When Pardeep Narwal stretched out his left leg just away from the Corner defender in an attempt to get a bonus point, Right In Mohsen Maghsoudlou pounced on his lower body and got his hands wrapped around the raider’s knees, dropping the raider to the ground and giving Telugu Titans an opportunity to stop the raider from making it across the midline.

2. But nobody from the left side of Telugu Titans’ defence rushed in order to tackle Narwal as he was close enough to wriggle his way to the midline, and an attempt to tackle could have possibly led to surrendering multiple points in a close contest.

3. As Narwal was considerably close to the midline but was still struggling to get himself completely free, Rahul Chaudhari and Abozar Mohajermighani decided to pull Maghsoudlou, whose hands were wrapped around Narwal’s knees, by his feet, pulling both the Right In as well as the raider further away from the midline. Their decision to pull Maghsoudlou by his legs ensured that even if the Maghsoudlou’s grip loosened and Narwal managed to wriggle out of the hold and escape to the midline, the raider would only be awarded a solitary point, maintaining Telugu Titans’ lead in the match.

4. Brought into action by this moment of inspiration, Cover defender Anil Kumar and Left Corner Vishal Bhardwaj rushed in and stopped Narwal in his tracks, completing the tackle and earning the team a point.