When asked about their idols or inspirational figures in their chosen field, many youngsters have a number of big names at hand, many times just having observed their idols from afar and drawing inspiration by seeing their work. However, for Gujarat FortunegiantsRuturaj Koravi, finding inspiration was never an issue.

“I have received my inspiration from home itself,” said Koravi with a proud smile during an exclusive interview with prokabaddi.com.

Kabaddi runs in the family for this Right Corner defender from Maharashtra. Both his parents represented the Maharashtra state team in the Nationals and his mother, Sucheta Koravi, even enjoyed a decorated career where she won a Silver and a Bronze medal at the event. From a young age, they encouraged him to take up the sport and continue their proud heritage.

Currently Koravi, along with teammates Sunil Kumar and Parvesh Bhainswal, has formed an exciting young core of Indian defenders at the Gujarat Fortunegiants camp. But he still relies on his parents’ advice on matters related to the sport given their extensive experience and knowledge of the subject matter.

“My parents call me after every match and give me advice to help improve my game,” said Koravi, “But at the same time they don’t put a lot of pressure on me.”

Receiving such expert insight and gentle support at the same time from two of the most important people in his life has been a big blessing for Koravi as he himself admits.

In fact, it is one of the major factors that helped him overcome setbacks and rejections, particularly when he had to show up and perform to the best of his ability at multiple trials at an early age, only to eventually be denied a place in the team. It was only his determination to live up to his parents’ legacy and their constant unwavering support that kept him going during such times.

However, it all paid dividends for the defender and his family when Koravi made a name for himself as a part of the Senior National Kabaddi Championship winning Maharashtra team and eventually earned a place in VIVO Pro Kabaddi as a part of Gujarat Fortunegiants

“Whenever my parents go out now, people ask them when I’m playing next. They only enjoy watching my games and not the others, they say,” quipped the Corner, “It’s really overwhelming to think that earlier, no one even knew me but now almost the whole of Kolhapur knows my name - Ruturaj Koravi. People have started coming home in Kolhapur and congratulating my parents. I’m very proud.”

Yes, living up to a family legacy is daunting and can get the better of many. But for now, Ruturaj Koravi is managing to do it just right.