In their match against Dabang Delhi K.C., Bengaluru Bulls needed to score quick in the closing stages and that prompted captain Rohit Kumar to improvise. After an audacious-looking effort, Kumar went back to his team's half of the mat, convinced he had the bonus, which was confirmed only after a review. But how did the skipper pinch a bonus with his wrong foot?

We assess the four phases of Kumar's unorthodox but successful bonus attempt:

1. With his standing foot almost equidistant between the baulk line and the bonus line, Kumar ensured that the defence wouldn’t attempt a Dash from the other side of the mat as he was close enough to escape to the mid-line and score multiple touch points.

2. With his right foot planted and his left foot in the air, Rohit Kumar gave the impression that he’s about to attempt a Scorpion Kick, a move in his arsenal that he has used several times to great effect.

3. But instead of swinging his left foot upwards, Kumar brings it down and in the same motion lifts his right foot in the air. At this point, he has earned the bonus point as meets the criteria of having one foot behind the black line and the other foot in the air.

4. Because he gave the illusion that he was about to attempt a Scorpion Kick, Left Corner Joginder Narwal retreats in order to avoid getting tagged by Kumar’s foot and the Left In Satpal also drops his hands, opens his knees towards the right side of the mat to avoid being hit by Rohit’s foot. Rohit’s momentum is already towards the midline while both defenders are still in retreat, giving them absolutely no chance to tackle the raider.

An attempt and execution of the most pristine quality, Rohit Kumar pinched a bonus point with a move that left the spectators in awe. His team may have fallen short by a solitary point in the match, but this unique technique displayed was one to marvel.