Gujarat Fortunegiants have been on the rampage in VIVO Pro Kabaddi Season 5. They are the only team to have remained undefeated at home in the nine completed legs so far and have the highest score difference among all the teams (70). A large part of the credit for this success goes to their young players like Sachin and Rohit Gulia who have grabbed their opportunities with both hands.

In an exclusive chat with, captain Sukhesh Hegde expressed his delight at the doors VIVO Pro Kabaddi has opened up for young players through its various initiatives. “There is now a future in the sport,” said Hegde, “When we were in school we didn’t get the opportunities that kids are getting in kabaddi now. This year KBD Juniors has also got underway and is becoming popular. I hope more young players are attracted to the sport.”

Hegde also went on to share some advice for young players based on his experience in the sport. “It is important for young players to join a good club which can help them improve their game and provide good guidance about the skills and techniques of raiding and defending,” said Hegde before discussing the art of raiding, “Speed and patience are important for a raider. Other skills like the dubki, charge and the technique to get bonus are also important but these two are most essential. A raider has to be aggressive and should be able to get bonus points when required.”

Owing to an unprecedented long league this season, fitness has become a top priority for players and Hegde weighed in with his opinion on the matter at hand. “Fitness is very important because we have to travel to multiple places and we might not always have the court available for us to practise. So we have a routine where we go for a run in the morning and then hit the gym. Before the match we also practise our skills for about 10 minutes which helps us warm up,” concluded Hegde.