Gujarat Fortunegiants are the team to beat in the fifth edition of VIVO Pro Kabaddi having been the most impressive among the four new debutants this season. Their coach Manpreet Singh has been the driving force behind his team’s success and will be looking to guide them to the league title, which will be his second title triumph having already lifted the trophy with Patna Pirates as a player in Season 3.

Manpreet spoke to earlier in the season and admitted why a coach can never be fully content. “See a coach can never be satisfied until we win the trophy. But the team’s performances have been really good and I’m satisfied with the way the players have played,” he said. 

On the importance of the coach having a good relationship with the captain, Manpreet opined: “I think if there is good communication and combination between the coach and the captain, then only the team will perform well otherwise the team will not perform. If there is good communication then the players can reach any level in the sport of kabaddi.”

When asked if his experience of lifting the title with Patna bodes well for his team, Manpreet said: “See experience really matters in any field. So the more experience you have in kabaddi, the better it is because if you are in a team full of youngsters, then you can share your experiences with them. Experience also acts as a driving force for them. This team has the ability to reach the final and they will definitely reach the final if they perform well.”

Manpreet also believes in the importance of the squad being more like a family than a team. “I won’t be able to tell you what the other coaches feel but I’m really able to handle the team well. I try to mix with the team as much as I can and tell them what to do in ways they can understand. For me a good coach is someone who can handle his team in a positive manner and it’s happening with me so I’m good with that. I think the coach must treat the players as his family. He should always motivate the players in every way possible,” he explained.

He concluded the interview by sharing his thoughts on how best to minimise injuries. “Kabaddi is a game where you cannot predict anything because it’s a body contact game. There can be injuries any time no matter how hard you work on the body. If the injury is going to happen it will happen. I think there are some combinations, which if we take care of like the diet, practice and rest then it helps. So if these things are taken care of then there will be fewer problems,” Manpreet said.