Ever since the start of the league, vivo Pro Kabaddi has had its fair share of players who rose to the occasion and did the unthinkable under enormous pressure. These players not only shoulder the burden of expectations from teammates and the coaching staff but are also expected to perform in front of thousands of fans sitting in the stands and watching from their TV sets at home.

While pressure can get the better of anyone on a given day, some players know how to handle the burden of expectation better than others. Speaking of pressure, it's safe to say that do-or-die raids are the ultimate test of a player's ability to handle tough situations in vivo Pro Kabaddi. With an empty raid no longer an option, do-or-die raids become the ultimate test of handling pressure, showcasing how players can rise to the occasion and overcome the toughest of situations.

In this article, we look at the top five players who seem to handle the pressure of do-or-die raids better than others and as a result, are the leading do-or-die raid point scorers in vivo Pro Kabaddi history.

Deepak Hooda

One of the constants in vivo Pro Kabaddi, all-rounder Deepak Hooda has scored more do-or-die raid points than any other player. He has scored 209 do-or-die raid points in 157 matches, demonstrating his consistency in crunch situations over the years when his team had their back against the wall. He scored the most do-or-die raid points (47) than any other player in Season 5 and was also among the top three and top five do-or-die raid point scorers in Season 4 and Season 3, respectively.


With 195 do-or-die raid points from just 106 games, Sachin has the best strike rate in such situations among all the players in the top five. A smooth operator on the mat who thrives in crunch moments, Sachin is the textbook definition of a do-or-die raid specialist who excels under pressure. His 67 do-or-die raid points in Season 9 are the most scored by any player in the history of vivo PKL. He also scored the fourth most do-or-die raid points (40) in Season 8 and featured in the top 10 for such points in Season 5 and 6.

Pardeep Narwal

Even though Pardeep Narwal has never topped the do-or-die raid points charts in any season, he’s still third on the all-time list with 185 such points from 153 games. The Dubki King is known for his calm and composed demeanour, so it comes as no surprise that he has a good record in do-or-die raids. His best campaign in terms of returns in do-or-die raids came in Season 7 when he scored 41 such points, putting him second on the do-or-die raids chart that year. He also finished as the seventh-highest do-or-die raid points scorer in Seasons 3 and 4 with 20 and 23 points respectively.

Rahul Chaudhari

Showman Rahul Chaudhari has managed to score 174 do-or-die raid points from 150 games. Never afraid to step up for his team when the pressure is on, Rahul Chaudhari scored 38 do-or-die raid points from 16 games in Season 4 - the most by any player in the fourth edition of vivo PKL. He was also the top do-or-die raid points scorer in Season 6 after notching up 43 points in 21 matches. The only player to lead the do-or-die raid points charts in two vivo PKL seasons, Rahul Chaudhari also finished seventh on the leaderboard in Season 7 with 26 such points.

Ajay Thakur

Ajay Thakur’s prowess under pressure in his prime was second to none. Whether it was rescuing victory from the jaws of defeat with match-winning buzzer raids or coming up trumps in do-or-die situations, Ajay Thakur could do it all. He is fifth in the all-time leaderboard for do-or-die raids with 163 such points from 120 games. An almost permanent presence in the top 10 for do-or-die points in most seasons, his best campaign in terms of returns for such points was in Season 2 when he got 36 do-or-die raid points in just 13 games. He also finished fourth, sixth, and fifth in Seasons 3, 4, and 6 respectively in the do-or-die raid points leaderboard.